Self Taught 16 year old Sierra Leone kid wows MIT with his creative innovation

Self Taught 16 year old Sierra Leone kid wows MIT with his creative innovation December 6, 2012

16 year old Kelvin Doe is a young kid from Sierra Leone, an impoverished African country.  In his country, he is also known as DJ Focus, because he runs a radio station.  A built a radio station that he has built from discarded parts.  Because there are so many blackouts, he has also built a battery to help him work through his inventions without being hindered.  He now wants to build a windmill to take care of the lack of power issue in his village.

He is a self taught inventor who doesn’t let lack of parts and material stop him from doing what is important for his society.

“He literally goes into trash cans, finds broken electronic parts from the garbage and makes stuff on his own,” said David Sengeh, the PhD student at MIT who organized Doe’s trip to the U.S. for his university’s “Visiting Practitioner’s Program.” (link)

He went to MIT for 3 weeks thanks to the help and motivation from his MIT Media Lab mentor David Sengeh, also from Sierra Leone.

If you want to help Kelvin and donate so others like him in Sierra Leone can create a better society there, please donate at InnovateSalone.


Transistor radio, homemade batteries and studio generator that Kelvin built with broken parts



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