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Hindu 2.0

101 Famous Nelson Mandela Quotes to Inspire and Motivate

Nelson Mandela is one of the heroes of the modern age. An icon of freedom and the epitome of forgiveness and statesmanship, he is a larger than life figure in today’s world. Here are a few wonderful quotes from this eloquent and charismatic man who led South Africa through its freedom struggle.

Seeking Shanti

The Good of Hinduism: A Solid Foundation for Pluralism

The Hindu religion is inherently very diverse, and has many different ways of being sliced and diced. It’s at once monotheistic, polytheistic, henotheistic and more. (This post is part of a Patheos Symposium on "What Good is Religion?")

The White Hindu

Mahashivratri 2017 (Hindu Holiday)

This year Mahashivratri (Shiva’s Great Night) will be Friday February 24th. For me this is the first big holiday of the year and Shiva is the God I am most connected to (my ishta devata, if you will), so it’s very meaningful for me. I’m not totally sure how I’ll be celebrating this year. The [Read More...]

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