4 Yoga Practices to Boost Immunity

4 Yoga Practices to Boost Immunity May 7, 2021

The following Yogic practices are offered for free by Sadhguru to help people during these pandemic times.

I personally found these practices very useful and hopefully others will too. Stay safe.

Yoga Practices for Immunity

Spend the next 40-60 minutes without any distractions.

Anyone over 7 years of age can practice.

The practices are quite simple and do not need much agility. You will guided through each practice.

Simha Kriya – Yoga for Immunity

Enhances immunity & respiratory capabilities.

Sashtanga – Yoga for Better Lung Health

Improves oxygen flow in the body.

Yoga Namaskar – Yoga for Mental Clarity

Improves neurological functioning and clarity of mind.

Isha Kriya – Yoga to De-stress

Reduces fear, stress and anxiety.

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