Mahavatar Babaji Blessed Israel While Celebrating the Jewish New Year

Mahavatar Babaji Blessed Israel While Celebrating the Jewish New Year October 20, 2023


Mahavatar Babaji, the immortal one was first introduced to the west by the great guru Paramahansa Yogananda in his masterwork, “Autobiography Of A Yogi.”

For information on both ‘Autobiography Of A Yogi,’ and Babaji, please enjoy this link: Introducing Babaji to the World

Paramahansa Yogananda, born in India on January 5, 1893 was the realized disciple of the great guru, aka ‘The Lion of Bengal,” Swami Sri Yukteswar Giri. In 1920, Yogananda arrived in the United States. He opened several meditation centers and eventually settled down in Encinitas, California where He wrote his masterwork, “Autobiography Of A Yogi.” In this book, Yogananda introduced the western world to Mahavatar Babaji, the immortal one. (Photo Credit: SRF/YSS)

Manifesting from a burst of blue light, Mahavatar Babaji aka Haidakhan Babaji, took human form in 1970. This extraordinary, unfathomable event initially known by only few, took place in a cave along the slopes of Mt. Kailash, across the Ganges River from Haidakhan in northern India.

(BTW-Steve Jobs was so inspired by Yogananda that he made pilgrimage to India in the 1970s. It was after his pilgrimage that Steve embarked on his hi-tech task that changed the world).

Mahendra Maharaj Baba

From a very young age the great Indian saint, Mahendra Baba was blessed with ‘visit’s and ‘manifestations’ of Babaji and the Divine Mother. Mahendra Maharaj Baba was given the task to prepare the chosen for the return of Mahavatar Babaji. (Public Domain)

The foreknowledge of Babaji’s arrival was known by the great saint, Mahendra Maharaj Baba, who as a child was healed by the manifested Babaji along with the Divine Mother.

Over the next two decades Mahendra Baba witnessed and experienced many more manifestations. At the karmic appointed time, Mahendra Baba was given the task to prepare the chosen few for the return of Babaji in human form.

For the history and fascinating explanation of Mahendra Baba and his relationship with Babaji check out Marge DeVivo’s website  Om Namah Shivaya, Truth Simply & Love 

Flashback: 1940s, Egypt and Israel

Two different sets of ancient religious scrolls and artifacts were discovered in the Middle East during the 1940s.

  • First there were the Nag Hammadi Scrolls uncovered in northern Egypt in 1945.

For full explanation including English language translations of all the scrolls, check out this link: Nag Hammadi Scrolls, Gnostic Society Library

For information on the historic and religious importance between the Nag Hammadi Scrolls, early Christianity and Gnostic texts that were written in Coptic, here is another amazing link to explore: Nag Hammadi Scrolls & Gnostic Christianity

  • The second set, the Dead Sea Scrolls were discovered in 1947 by a young Bedouin shepherd. The scrolls were found in the Qumran Caves that once served as an ancient Hebraic tribal community. The first of these scrolls, written in Hebrew was miraculous purchased by Professor of Archaeology at Hebrew University, Eleazer Sukenik on November 29th, 1947. Many were aware that ‘coincidently’ it was the same day the United Nations voted on the creation of the modern State of Israel

To access online research facilities and further information check out the link: The Dead Sea Scrolls Online

Another interesting website is the ICEJ – International Christian Embassy Jerusalem and their “Israel’s National Rebirth and the Dead Sea Scrolls” link: Israel’s Rebirth & The Dead Sea Scrolls – ICEF

The Gospel According to Thomas

Jesus said, When you see one not born of woman, fall upon your 
face and prostrate yourselves before that one: it is he who is your father.

Within the vast scrolls of the Nag Hammadi Library is the Gospel of Thomas. On Page One, Line 15, Thomas wrote the prophetic words that describe the immortal being, Mahavatar Babaji.


After manifesting from a burst of blue light in 1970, Babaji appeared in the body of an adolescent youth. During his 14 years on earth, his body would change drastically. (Photo credit: Public Domain)

From 1970 through Valentine’s Day, February 14, 1984, Babaji resided along the great Ganges River in the region of Haidakhan. Hundreds, in fact thousands of devotees, yogis, curiosity seekers from all over the world came to this remote location in northern India to meet the Immortal One. Many came for short visits, some were satisfied with one intense look, others stayed longer for the grace to serve Him.

Misty sunset in Haidakhan along the Ganges River, high in the mystical mountains of northern India, home to the great one, Mahavatar Babaji.

Babaji’s Discourse (Satsang) September 9, 1983

“Today is the Jewish New Year and it is being celebrated here. Today will be a holiday. There will be no work for anyone of whatever caste or creed.”

With these words Babaji began a discourse (satsang) for the Jews and specifically to honor Israelis who came to be at the feet of Babaji.

Babaji continued, “The fact is today is of particular significance. The Israelis who have come here had to “cross eight seas.” Other people who come here only have to cross seven seas (an Indian saying to indicate great distance).”

“Notwithstanding the fact that in their own country they have so much to do – they have neither time to drink water nor to breathe – still they have come here. As soon as they are born, they are taught to put their hand to the trigger. Because they have to fight continuously – this is why they have not even the time to drink water.”

Mahavatar Babaji in meditation. Photo credit: Public Domain

Babaji continued His Jewish New Year discourse

“Once, in the past, the Jews had a great kingdom. They ruled over their neighbors but with time they were made homeless. Their land, the Israel of today, has been build by them through courage and hard work.”

“Before this, they had no place on earth, not even space to put down their feet; from everywhere in the world they were thrown out. The Israel of today has been built by the valor of the people who live in the country.”

“I admire their bravery and courage. The courage with which they are fighting the Arabs makes their lives total chaos (literally – “makes them sleep upside down”). I do not want spineless people in this Creation.”

“I want a world of people with such courage as the Israelis have shown.”


The Sacred Dune where Babaji and His appointed saints performed ancient fire rituals. May you be blessed with the grace of Babaji.

Babaji ends His Jewish New Year Discourse

“On this auspicious day, I bless all Jews who are present here, those who are not present, those who live in hiding, those who are alive and those who are dead. I bless them all.”

“The day will come – and you will be eye witnesses to it soon – when theirs will be a big, strong kingdom, overruling the Arab countries. Their time has come!”

“Everyone must live with courage. The person without courage must die. This creation is for the brave. People without courage are a burden to the earth.”

“On this New Year’s Day, I bless everyone – especially the Jewish people.”


I share this on the eve of the second Sabbath since the horrendous October 7th Massacre.

May all of Israel be comforted by the words and grace of Babaji.

May those who mourn be consoled in the arms of God.

May the memories of all those who perished and those who have been buried be blessed.

May those who are still in hospital return quickly to their loved ones and may those who are healing have a complete recovery.

May the 203 hostages held by Hamas terrorists come home.  BRING THEM HOME NOW!!

To Prime Minister Benjamin ‘Bibi’ Netanyahu and his coalition: you have done more than enough damage.

You turned your back on the innocent, the young, the revelers, on mothers and fathers and their children.

You have turned your back on Holocaust survivors, grandparents and great-grandparents.

You have turned your back on the peacemakers, the socialists, the kibbutzniks, left-wing patriots.

You neglected our soldiers and purposely left our southern border vulnerable and exposed.

Israel is strong and brave and courageous and now is the time to demand Bibi and his coalition partners resign. Go home!

But with their resignation Israel must demand new, fresh, determined leaders with visions that parallel the vision of Yitzchak Rabin.

We must find paths of peace, we must end the occupation. Om Namah Shivaya, Om Shanti Shanti Shanti.

Truth, Simplicity, Love

Babaji in all His beauty. May those who look upon these photographs be filled with grace, joy, love and healing. Babaji’s mantra is Om Namah Shivaya. His motto is Truth Simplicity Love. (Photo credit: Public Domain). On Youtube – a 45 minute documentary featuring Babaji with a soundtrack of sacred chants can be found at: HAVE GURU DARSHAN – BABAJI 1977

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