The Silent Cry of an Abused Child

The Silent Cry of an Abused Child February 15, 2013

Child abuse is a very painful experience for those who have gone through it.  The pain and the ingrained hurt in the victims really hit home for me when I watched Amir Khan’s episode on Satyamev Jayate.  This short but highly creative ad film brings out that message – of the silent pain that a child goes through – so powerfully that you cannot escape its impact.

One, I congratulate the creative team of this adfilm for such a tremendous work, and second, its time we raise awareness of this menace.  Please share it with all!




Dumb Charades public service film made by Interface communications & Apogeo Team.

Brand – Vanitha
Agency – Interface communications
National Creative Director – Robby Mathew
Creative Conceptualization & Written by – Kumar Suryavanshi & Garima Pugalia
Production House – Apogeo Films

Director – Kamlesh Soni
Creative Producers – Kshiteej Dua & Vishal Gupta
Cast – Vivek Madaan, Pooja Verma & Mohit Parmar
DOP – Piyush Shah
Music Director – Nitin Dubey
Editor – Dev Rao Jadhav
Sound Engineer – Arun Crasto, Darshan Nair
Colorist – Miten Udeshi
Singer – Lokesh Kumar
Voice over – Shishir Sharma
1st AD – Pooja Chakraborty
2nd AD – Nitish Kharbanda
3rd AD – Priyanka Jethwa
Line Producers – Bhumisha Soni & Dharmik Thaker
Stylist – Bhavika Chavda
Post Production – Pixion Studio

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  • Kashif Ansari

    i can well relate to that. i was an abused child. my parents humiliated me and beat me up on the slightest pretext. i will never forgive them for as long as i live. may they rot in hell for the ruin they brought in my life.