Less is More, and More and More of My Writing Around the Web

Less is More, and More and More of My Writing Around the Web December 30, 2015

The Christmas Tree is sagging a bit. I know we’re supposed to leave them up until the Epiphany, but “supposed to” is not a mandate. The joy of the season is no longer expressed by the decor in my living room. Now…after the explosion of paper and small pieces and battery packs, and stepped on replacement lights and parts, I am feeling as if less is more. It’s been a mood taking over for several months, as you may have noticed fewer words on this page in particular.

Going forward, I’m writing less, and doing it in a variety of places.

Most immediately, the December print issue of Image Journal features my profile on artist, Jack Baumgartner. I hope you’ll check it out, and also consider donating to Image Journal. It is in peril, and shouldn’t be, because it’s one of the few remaining print resources for excellent writing through the lens of faith.

When I was in middle school, my mother handed down a copy of Image Journal for me to read. It was the first literary journal I’d ever encountered, and I understood practically nothing. But it made a lasting impression. It made me want to be a writer, and it was something specific to having the copy in hand, the heft of an actual book with pages to turn, and images inside that piqued ongoing reflection long after I’d taken the volume back to my room, put it on the shelf, and then retrieved it again and again. I can’t imagine a similar experience occurring–of a mother affirming a burgeoning vocation to a particular craft–by texting a link to online content.

I feel grateful and honored to have writing published in their pages. I’ll also be contributing every couple weeks or so to the Good Letters blog hosted here at Patheos for Image Journal.

I’m still writing pretty regularly for Living Faith.

And as usual, I post updates, links and occasional thoughts at my personal blog Betty Duffy. You may wish to subscribe.

Below are links to my writing in various places over the past few months. Enjoy and cheers to a great 2015!


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