Who is Eman?

Hi Guys! I’m Eman Hassaballa Aly.

Who is Eman? I’m still trying to figure that out. That is why I have launched this blog, not only do I want you to get to know me through my writing. I also want to highlight the people and the work that they engage in, because it has shaped who I am.

It’s helped me figure out what I value in life, and according to a really good book I read, I know what I actually care (said give a f*ck) about.

I’m an American of Egyptian descent. I was born and raised in the suburbs of Chicago. I was here most of my life, except for a stint I spent in Seoul Korea. My full bio can be found at my website.

I’m not that interesting, but I have some great stories. I have these great stories, because I meet some of the most amazing people. Even though it doesn’t seem like it, this blog isn’t about me. Well, not totally about me. It’s about all the crazy cool things I’ve seen and been afforded the opportunity to experience. It’s all been an honor and a privilege, even the bad (said shitty) parts.

Thanks for getting this far in the narrative. Be sure to share my posts if you care about the issues I care about. The proceeds from the blog will all go to charity.

Thanks again for bearing my pain with me, but as I work through all the pain, it dissipates. From my experience, the absence of pain is bliss. I want to invite you to experience the kind of bliss with me.

I also want to invite you to write for me. Email writefor@emanspla.in. Edit it as best you can before you send it, and I’ll do my best to include your content along side mine. And the proceeds will go to the charity that I support of your choice.

I think I’m done writing about who Eman is, and I can’t wait to see who Eman becomes.

I’m still looking for an editor, so if you see any typos, let me know. Tweeting at me is best @emanhaly.