Cristina Mejia

Cristina MejiaCristina Mejia
I am a Colombian native but consider myself a hybrid as I have lived back and forth between Colombia and both coasts of the U.S. Settled for a decade in Florida to enjoy the best of both cultures and the sand life. I have been married for twenty two years and have two awesome teens, one living in California and the other at home.

As a design-artist, I work as a cross cultural creative editorial director who enjoys exploring fiber arts.

I have been seeking God since I was nine, when I began praying to the full moon. Despite being raised Catholic, I decided to get baptized twice into a fundamentalist church in my early twenties, and with them went on as a missionary to Colombia for 12 years.

I have been unchurched for a decade and believe will remain a quester of Truth. I have come to enjoy the hunger, thirst, and the unexpected ways the Spirit shows herself everywhere.

Now I am on the road to gray as I get close to turning 50!