Lelanda Lee

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Lelanda Lee is a writer, poet, and church and community leader, who lives in northern Colorado with her ohana, consisting of her husband, mother, brother, and her boss, Devon Rex cat Tinkerbell. Raised in a refugee-immigrant Asian family in Detroit, Michigan, Lelanda was shaped by Motown, Rock ‘n Roll, and the Civil Rights and Women’s Movements of the ’60s. Baptized and confirmed in the Missouri Synod Lutheran Church, Lelanda found the Episcopal Church in Amarillo, Texas, in the mid ’90s, when she attended the Episcopal day school’s children’s chapel to check out the propaganda her 9-year old daughter was receiving weekly. Lelanda continues her journey with the Episcopal Church while also thinking about the concoction of humanity’s longings and foibles – how desire, envy, and loss become the heartbeat of the people.

Lelanda blogs at www.whatacupoftea.blogspot.com and posts prayers and social commentary daily to her Facebook page. Message her at Lelanda Lee on Facebook (the Asian one, not the African American Lelanda Lee), and tell her who you are so she is assured you’re not a bot or someone seeking an illicit online relationship, and she’ll Friend you.