Summer Solstice Poem

Summer Solstice Poem June 18, 2015


We give thanks unto the Mighty Ones

For the harvest in the field

For the sun and rain and earth and wind

For the sword and wand and shield.

As crops stand tall out in the fields

The life within them sings.

So we must work in diligence

To honor the harvest it brings.

Our love and loyalty with Deity,

Now and forever more

As they speak to us their mysteries,

Through experience, sight, and lore.

All works come together

To weave the life force song

Life and love, joy and fate

A harvest that is strong.

The spark that brings us closely bound

Stays with us when we part

A sacred link binds us to Them

Through spirit, mind, and heart

The Sun burns bright this sacred day

The male life force now renewed

A brilliant wheel of light shines down

A strength to be pursued.

For now each day the darkness comes

A little at a time

As Sun gives way to silver Moon

But today he’s in his prime.

So celebrate the strength of men

The solar Gods hold sway.

Together we stand between the worlds

To give thanks on this day.

So Be It Always.

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