October 8, 2007

Science and religion have often been suspicious of one another. Today in western Europe this has come to seem a marginal conflict but it’s not so in the US – where half the population denies evolution – or in the Muslim world – where there is a similar upsurge in irrationalism.Evolution seems like a touchstone for a person’s willingness to put reason first both because it contradicts the creation stories in most religions and because it requires us to accept… Read more

October 5, 2007

picture: Can brain science explain free will? Credit: © Images.com/CorbisIs free will an illusion? Classical science, built on a foundation of observable cause and effect, seems to leave little room for free will, as classically defined. Arguably, quantum mechanics provides a route out of this dilemma, by allowing the potential for ‘uncaused cause’. But what kind of free will could follow from the inherent randomness of quantum theory? Daniel C Dennet, in his 2002 book “Freedom Evolves”, put forward a… Read more

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