Czech Republic Mission Trip

Czech Republic Mission Trip July 27, 2011

This week I’m heading to the Czech Republic with my College Ministry at CCC for a couple weeks of ministry among 20 somethings. The ministry is an English camp that we’re helping to lead with a church in the city of Pisek just outside of Prague.

I bring this to your attention for two reasons. First, I would like to ask you to pray for our team (we number about 20) as we share the Gospel message primarily through our lives in relationship. This is not an evangelistic “crusade”. This kind of approach would hardly be well received in the post-Christian culture of the Czech. Instead, we are taking a very embodied approach in which we build relationships through teaching conversational English and represent Christ in word and deed. Like most people, Czech’s don’t want to be told something, they want to see it lived. So, we’re going to live among them with other Christian Czech nationals for a couple of weeks. For some Czech participants this might actually be the first time they meet a real disciple of Jesus. This will therefore be an intense relational experience for me. I’m quite introverted by nature, so I’ll be stretched. In the evenings, I will be the host of a David Letterman style talk show where, besides the comical bits and music, we will interview followers of Jesus about their life journeys. Particularly where they have experienced God powerfully. I will also be preaching at Elim Church in Pisek on August 7th.

Czech is the country of Jan Hus, the Reformation forerunner to Martin Luther. I pray that God raises up new Huses, committed to the truth of Scripture and the Gospel, to lead a new Gospel revolution in Eastern Europe.

Second, I  wanted to communicate that I’ll be going “dark” for a couple of weeks as I’ll not have access to internet most if not all of the time I’m in Czech.

Thanks for your prayers.

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