Kevin DeYoung & Greg Gilbert Begin to Answer Reviewers

Kevin DeYoung & Greg Gilbert Begin to Answer Reviewers November 10, 2011

I was pleased to notice today that Kevin DeYoung and Greg Gilbert are beginning to answer questions about their book over at Kevin’s blog. Here’s the opening paragraph from their post:

On Tuesday, Trevin Wax put forth “five nagging questions” about our book What Is the Mission of the Church? Greg and I both know and like Trevin. He is a friend. We are glad he has gently raised some concerns with our book; we’d like to gently answer and correct his concerns. We hope to provide a lengthier response to some of the critical reviews out there in the coming weeks. But for now Greg and I want to provide a brief response to each of Trevin’s nagging questions. The following is from both of us.

I observe in this introduction a level of frustration with what they consider less than “friendly” and harshly critical reviews. Perhaps this is warranted. I don’t know Kevin or Greg and I suspect that they consider what I’ve written in this negative light. If that is the case, I’m sorry for that. I can’t speak for others who are reviewing the book, but although I’ve had a level of passion in what I’ve written, I don’t believe I’ve written anything unfriendly. If I have, I’m more than open to correction. And I would welcome it.

I am impassioned by this subject because it is so important. Here’s my bottom line:

I think Kevin and Greg correctly name the mission of the church when they say its the making of disciples, but I don’t think they understand this biblically enough. I believe the two major issues that divide us are (1) their reading of the Story of the Bible (see post) and (2) their definition of the kingdom of God (see post).

For me much of the other stuff simply flows out of these fundamental issues. I’d very much like them to address these points.

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  • KC

    I have read and re-read that introduction trying to find the level of frustration and can’t find it. Nor do they even allude to less than friendly and harshly critical reviews. Is there something I am missing?

    • Anonymous

      The emphasis on “friend” and and the double “gently” tipped me.

  • Davpb

    I’ve read most of your reviews of WITMOTC, and find most of your arguments quite unconvincing. When you say ‘biblical’ or ‘sub-biblical’ your criterion seems to be which
    texts you like to support your hypotheses.

    • Anonymous

      While you are entitled to your opinion, your statement “When you say ‘biblical’ or ‘sub-biblical’ your criterion seems to be which texts you like to support your hypotheses” is hardly anything resembling a substantial response.

  • Texan

    Man…I hope you never have to read any of my emails…you’d likely find anger and frustration in every line! Oh, but than I suppose this comment sounds angry and frustrated…oh well.