Jared Wilson takes down TGC Post

Jared Wilson takes down TGC Post July 21, 2012

I say well done to Jared Wilson for having the humility to take down the controversial post about marital sexuality and male dominance. He gives some explanation and apologies here.

I don’t think this retraction is a matter of caving into feminist zeal, but it is a mark of recognizing that talking about male-female relationships requires biblical precision, cultural nuance, and pastoral sensitivity. The offending post did not have these. While no malicious intent was made in the original post, the language used to describe a man penetrating and colonizing his wife etc., was grossly unhelpful and needlessly offensive to many.

No doubt some would like to have seen Jared dig in his heels to defy the feminist and egalitarian reaction (i.e., don’t show signs of being soft on gender issues even if you have to sound somewhat abusive towards women, cause sounding abusive is better than looking like you’ve capitulated to the feminists), but the fact that his post even made many complementarians feel very uncomfortable is testament enough to the incendiary nature of the post.

So I appreciate that sanity, sensitivity, and humility has shone through at the end. Jared has done the right thing.

Reminds me of a story of a young pastor talking to an older pastor:

Young Pastor: “How do I be a good pastor?”
Older Pastor: “Make good decisions!”
Young Pastor: “How do I make good decisions?”
Older Pastor: “Experience!”
Young Pastor: “How do I get experience?”
Older Pastor: “By making bad decisions!”

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