Not a Good Week to Be Episcopalian

Not a Good Week to Be Episcopalian July 14, 2012

Here is a couple of depressing news article about The Episcopal Church in the USA. See Why is the Episcopal Church Near Collapse on Beliefnet and What Ailes the Episcopalians in WSJ. Their general convention just finished and it made such wonderfully Christian decisions as approving liturgical blessings of same-sex relationships (I understand this, but I disagree), funeral rites for dogs and cats (I do not understand this), and apologised for exposing Native Americans to Christianity (I understand this and it grieves me). No wonder the delegation from South Carolina walked out. I have no idea what religion these people think they are following. It looks like a cross between Marx and Oprah with the pastoral leadership strategies of Jim Jones.

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  • Matthew

    But see the critique of the latter article over at GetReligion.

  • Patrick

    While I agree with the laments expressed in your comments, it is interesting that the Anglicans still provide some of our brightest theological lights. Richard Bauchkham and NT Wright come to mind.

    Maybe the British version hasn’t drifted so far as the US version into vapidity ?

    I have to say I attended a presentation of Wright’s in Nashville at an Episcopal Church there, so I give them that credit.

  • Bex

    Prophets are never respected in their own countries.

  • BW16

    With all due respect, in what ways is it appropriate to evoke “Marx” here? I fear that your repeated bracketed notation “I understand this” is woefully inaccurate…

    • Andrew Attaway

      Marx was a brilliant and subtle thinker. He would surely be appalled to be associated with the vapid posturings of the Episcopal Church.

  • tpaine1

    No, TEC is NOT Christian that is, if you believed in Christ’s teachings.
    Where does it say there is NOT “one holy Catholic and Apostolic church (?) and you can operate unilaterally at the whim of the Presiding Bishop?
    Where does Christ say we are to praise and laud unhealthy and unnatural behavior to our children?
    Where does it say we are to steal churches away from our fellow Christians?
    Where does it say we are to ordain those in acknowledged sin? Where does it say we are to perform rites over pets?
    TEC has taken Episcopalians about as far away from the Bible as you can get.

  • DC

    Better a possibly muddle-headed but grace-filled acceptance and respect for fellow humans that this smug and condescending disdain. You dishonor your walk with God with this sour and petty comment, a very poor advertisement for your faith.