Craig Keenerfest of Books

Craig Keenerfest of Books October 30, 2012

Yesterday in the post I got these three bodacious books by Craig Keener.

Keener’s commentary on Matthew, now in a second edition, is my favourite Matthew commentary for preparing sermons on Matthew. The bold headings that summarize every minor sub-section are virtual dot points for your sermon, or at least main points to remember in your preparation. Strongly recommended.

I think Keener’s Acts commentary will prove to be his magnum opus. It is big, Texas Big, bigger than Ben Hur, and will be a reference resource on Acts for decades to come (just gotta wait for the other three volumes to come out, not far off I’m told). Also, I use the Acts commentary threaten my children, “If you don’t eat your vegetables, I’ll make you do the indices to Craig Keener’s four volume Acts commentary.” If you’ve ever read the footnotes to a Keener book you’ll know that that is one serious threat!! Never seen kids eat cauliflower so fast!

Also, Global Voices is a brilliant volume edited by Craig Keener and M. Daniel Carroll. Includes contributions by David deSilva and Nijay Gupta as well. The book explore what it means to read and practice Scripture from a non-western perspective.

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