Goodbye Christian America – HuffPost

Goodbye Christian America – HuffPost November 12, 2012

Intriguing article over at the Huffington Post by Richard Stearns (President of World Vision) on Goodbye Christian America.

Stearns notes the end of America’s nominal Christianity and believes that it might not be a bad thing. Writing about one particular church, he says:

There was a time when Pastor Curry might have worried about things like posting the Ten Commandments in courtrooms, but today he’s too busy changing the city of Tacoma and world. This is the work Christians are called to do. Christians can stop worrying about the symbols of the decline of Christian America and get back to the mission Jesus gave us to show the world a different way to live — a way that demonstrates the great character of God: his love, his justice, his compassion, his forgiveness and his reconciliation.

Do you agree? Do you think the Bill O’Reilly brand of Christianity consisting of theism + cultural conservativism (but low on scripture and light on Jesus) is on the way out?

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  • I hope so. I’d like to be optimistic about the death of merely cultural Christianity and the ability to actually preach it and live it, without it getting confused with civic religion. The thing I do worry about it is that we end up where Europe’s been for a while, a spiritually burned-over district, increasingly hostile, militantly secular, etc. I mean, Christianity will survive. The Gospel is powerful and America isn’t everything. Still, I just don’t know what the next 20 years will bring. I’m not too worried, but I’m not ridiculously optimistic either.

    • Patrick

      Not even close. It’s going to take time for Christ to convert a large majority of His people to an intellectual/moral conversion like this. We still have way too much paganism in our church and that is true on the left and the right.

      IF our state began to persecute us over here, the left would still expect Caesar to provide for them before burning them on a stake and the right would support the attacking whomever is the latest “bad guy” before they perished.

      For different reasons, we tend to worship Caesar over here. I lament it, but, it’s true. I take pleasure in knowing through it all, Christ is King and in 100% control and I say that even if He decides to discipline us and we have really rough times of it.

  • r03395

    I try to express getting back to Jesus’ religion here:

  • Paul

    Speaking as a former Christian. The Christian religion is falling apart under the flood of evidence that is a hoax on people for the designs of those in power: