D.Min in Theological Exegesis at Knox Seminary

D.Min in Theological Exegesis at Knox Seminary December 20, 2012

Knox Seminary in Florida has a new D.Min in Theological Exegesis. The rationale for the program is:

In recent years the world of biblical and theological scholarship has focused on one issue with fervor equal to and seemingly greater than any other: “theological interpretation of Scripture” or “theological exegesis.” Fed up with the sterile scholarship of much modern biblical criticism and concerned by the lack of biblical engagement in so much Christian faith and practice, men and women from a variety of backgrounds in the Christian world have pursued a new way by returning to old paths. Theological exegesis has been viewed as a way behind more recent alternatives like exegesis as technique or exposition as therapy. The unique gift that Christians have to speak truth to our world is the Holy Scripture, and yet this biblical text is a unique book that must be read in its own terms. Thus, we need to learn and practice a theological exegesis if we are to be sustained by it and steward it well for others.

Looks like a promising program! See the website with a short video by Michael Allen.

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  • Jeff

    Why not a PhD? As Ben Witherington says, DMin’s are poor man’s Doctorates, and really should be M.Mins