Reviews of Jesus is the Christ (Updated)

Reviews of Jesus is the Christ (Updated) April 24, 2013

Justin Boulmay has a nice review of my Jesus is the Christ.

Michael Bird’s newest book, Jesus is the Christ: The Messianic Testimony of the Gospels, is a short but strong work that seeks to defend what is perfectly obvious to anyone except for those who don’t want to see it: Jesus of Nazareth claimed to be the Messiah, and the four evangelists who wrote our gospels bear witness to this in their works. Going through Matthew, Mark, Luke and John, Bird examines how these writers believed that Jesus their teacher was also the rightful king of the world and the person through whom God would re-establish His rule.

Nijay Gupta also gives it a nice plug. I particularly liked his last thought:

Well, I am glad to have this in my library, and that folks like Mike are fighting for what I think is a common sense reading of the Gospels. I think his next book should be – 99 Arguments That the Pope is Catholic.

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  • Patrick

    I think when someone makes the opposite case, it’s clear they do not understand ancient near eastern Jewish lingo or references to the OT text. Modern critics to me are fundamentalists and assume like a fundy Christian that the bible was written in Kansas in 1950. Or, Sydney if they are Aussies.