SPCK Classic – Burridge on the Four Gospels

SPCK Classic – Burridge on the Four Gospels May 4, 2013

I’ve taught NT in three different theological colleges across the world.  In the Introduction to the Gospels course taught in all three colleges each one had Richard Burridge’s Four Gospels, One Jesus? A Symbolic Reading on their reading list! There is a reason for that, Burridge has written a rather useful intro to the four Gospels. In fact, SPCK has now added the book to their “classics” list. The book is now in its second edition with updates on reception history, the revised common lectionary, references to LOTR, and some beefed up bibliographic data about recent publications. So still worth referring students to read. The thing I’ve admired most about Burridge’s work on the Gospels is that he thinks the Gospels are actually about Jesus; not communities behind the Gospels, not existential philosophy, not the Christ of Faith, but about Jesus.

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