Excerpt of Evangelical Theology Now On-Line

Excerpt of Evangelical Theology Now On-Line August 10, 2013

I have only just realized that Zondervan has put up an excerpt from Evangelical Theology on-line featuring the introduction and the first two chapters about prolegomena.

A good summary of what I say is:

If prolegomena is concerned with orientating ourselves to the theological task and setting forth the divine revelation, then the primary function of an evangelical prolegomena should be a setting out of the gospel. The gospel explains why we are in the theological race in the first place, and the gospel is the nexus into the reality of the God who has revealed himself … To set forth the gospel in our prolegomena is to establish the beginning, center, and boundary of evangelical theology. An evangelical theology begins with the gospel because the gospel establishes the hermeneutical horizons for its talk about God and constitutes the purpose or raison d’être of the church’s existence … The gospel is the driving force behind doctrine and its actualization within the Christian community. Theology has its agenda and energy derived from the good news of Jesus Christ. It is, dare I say, the beauty of the gospel that matures our theological reflection on who God is toward us in Jesus Christ.

Well, that is what the book is about!

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  • Chris Tilling

    Dude, I am genuinely in awe! How do you do it?!

  • Antony Billington

    Bravo! I’ve managed to get sight of page proofs via Netgalley, and I look forward to seeing it for ‘real’.

  • Nina McDonald

    Hmmm…but WHAT is the “gospel” they are preaching? Is it the same gospel as the apostles preached? Is it complete–or a minimalistic version? Is it truly the gospel of the “faith given ONCE and for ALL?” Jude 1:3…me thinks not….the evangelical “gospel” is a different gospel than the Kingdom message of salvation that Jesus and the apostles taught…http://theamericanjesus.net/?p=9675
    And for good measure–http://alastairadversaria.wordpress.com/2012/02/17/whats-wrong-with-the-evangelical-gospel/