Michael Jensen’s Endoresment of Evangelical Theology

Michael Jensen’s Endoresment of Evangelical Theology November 7, 2013

Rev. Dr. Michael Jensen, former lecture in theology at Moore Theological College, and current Rector at St. Mark’s Darling Point, was kind enough to write a blurb for EvTh:

This is the one-volume theology text we’ve been waiting for. Bird’s Evangelical Theology is a model of a gospel-centred, genuinely biblical approach to systematic theology – proving that the task of evangelical theology is not simply to provide a compendium of proof texts. Nor should it ignore the work of the great theologians of the last two millennia: Bird covers all that terrain in impressive style. He writes with clarity and even a little wit. The layout of the book is attractive and invites the reader to dig deeper. I will be using his book in the classroom and in the parish, with students and with lay people alike.


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