N.T. Wright on the “Meat and Potatoes” of Justification by Faith

N.T. Wright on the “Meat and Potatoes” of Justification by Faith December 22, 2013

A cool segment from my interview with N.T. Wright about the place of justification by faith in PFG.

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  • Trent whalin

    Hey again Dr. Bird,
    I am just wondering if your “The Saving
    Righteousness of God” really dives into the social aspect surrounding
    justification and the law. I adhere to the Reformational reading not NPP
    but, I am interested in it and I think it has been a bit neglected. If
    not are there other books from the reformational standpoint addressing

    • Michael Bird

      Trent, I do get into a fair bit, but also in an essay on “What if Martin Luther Read the Dead Sea Scrolls” available on my academica.edu page.