Was Jesus White? No, Way, He was Black of Course!

Was Jesus White? No, Way, He was Black of Course! December 15, 2013

Fox News host Megyn Kelly prompted an out roar by claiming that Jesus, just like Santa Clause, was white.

You can watch the video of her here and Jon Stewart’s hilarious send up here.

Kelly now admits that Jesus might not be white. Which is a true statement, as long as you change “might not” to “definitely wasn’t.”

I think it does show an interesting phenomenon whereby folks have a tendency to paint Jesus in their own image, even racially.

Any way, back to the question, was Jesus white? While I don’t want to ruin Christmas for any white supremacists, I think there is overwhelming proof that Jesus was in fact black.

Think about it!

Jesus loved gospel, he called everyone “brother,” he couldn’t get a fair trial, and he was sentenced to death by a rich white guy!

Can anyone come up with any more reasons why Jesus was black?

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