Was Jesus White? No, Way, He was Black of Course!

Was Jesus White? No, Way, He was Black of Course! December 15, 2013

Fox News host Megyn Kelly prompted an out roar by claiming that Jesus, just like Santa Clause, was white.

You can watch the video of her here and Jon Stewart’s hilarious send up here.

Kelly now admits that Jesus might not be white. Which is a true statement, as long as you change “might not” to “definitely wasn’t.”

I think it does show an interesting phenomenon whereby folks have a tendency to paint Jesus in their own image, even racially.

Any way, back to the question, was Jesus white? While I don’t want to ruin Christmas for any white supremacists, I think there is overwhelming proof that Jesus was in fact black.

Think about it!

Jesus loved gospel, he called everyone “brother,” he couldn’t get a fair trial, and he was sentenced to death by a rich white guy!

Can anyone come up with any more reasons why Jesus was black?

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  • Luisa

    No, I can’t! 🙂 No one can top your line, I’m sure. I have a collection of Mangers. One of my favorites is from the Yucatan, MX. Mary and Joseph are Yucatecos and Baby Jesus is in a little hamaca.


  • Joseph

    Even in ethnically divided Belfast, Northern Ireland (where I am originally from), they have a ‘Black Santa’ – see link http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-northern-ireland-25380878

  • blackdreamhunk

    Now you you got it Jesus was black to support your article I give you this.


    Go your Google and type ancient Hebrews then lick images

  • blackdreamhunk

    Some people say the real Santa was a moor!

  • blackdreamhunk

    I am going to place this here for the dark skin Arabs ho claim Jesus was Arab! Also Arabs are an AD people Not a BC people.

  • blackdreamhunk

    Arabs meet black people ruling the middle east and africa

  • blackdreamhunk

    For white people trying to claim the ancient Hebrews were White I am going to place this right here.



    white people are an AD people Not a Bc people.
    DNA Research Sheds Light On Ancestry of Ashkenazi Jews here it the link

  • blackdreamhunk

    “Tacitus,the Roman historian of 90 A.D., says that the Romans of his day
    popularly believed that the Jews, which then abounded in Europe, came
    from Ethiopia, the land of the Blacks
    Zephaniah 3 :10
    From beyond the rivers of Cush my worshipers, my scattered people, will bring me offerings.
    From beyond the rivers of Ethiopia my suppliants,[even] the daughter of my dispersed, shall bring mine offering.
    Lamentations 4:8
    visage is blacker than a coal; they are not known in the streets: their
    skin cleaveth to their bones; it is withered, it is become like a
    stick.Lamentations 5:10
    Our skin was black like an oven because of the terrible famine.
    Exd 2:19
    And they said, An Egyptian(speakin of Moses) delivered us out of the
    hand of the shepherds, and also drew [water] enough for us, and watered
    the flock.
    Explain how an ISRAELITE is mistaken as a son of HAM if they didn’t look alike?
    2000+ years later Acts 21:37-38 Shaul(Paul) a Hebrew mistaken as an
    Egyptian… So explain how SHEM’s seed and HAM’s didn’t look alike?
    Google ancient Hebrews or ancient Hebrew dreadlocks click images and you see what the ancient Hebrews looked like!

  • blackdreamhunk
  • blackdreamhunk
  • reagan mafia

    This is idiotic. Of course Jesus was white. He was a jew from the line of David. Why black people are so offended about Jesus being not black is ridiculous. Get over it.

    • umair ashraf

      i think idiot is the one who just believe the things with out its authenticity, well yeah Jesus (P.B.U.H) was a jew and not from Europe but from middleeast and people living in that era there were of olive colour neither white nor black, its a fact either you believe it or not!!!!!!

  • blackdreamhunk

    Not all semites are jews and not all jews are semites: Se·mit·ic –
    1. Of or relating to the Semites or their languages or cultures.
    Of, relating to, or constituting a subgroup of the Afro-Asiatic
    language group that includes Arabic, Hebrew, Amharic, and Aramaic.
    said if your white you might be a jew but you are not a
    semite…Historical Jesus, was a Afro-Asiatic man..considered a semite..

  • blackdreamhunk
  • blackdreamhunk
  • blackdreamhunk
  • blackdreamhunk
  • blackdreamhunk
  • blackdreamhunk
  • Geoffrey Arnold

    I think if we address the ideologically charged side of the racial index we can understand the “blackness” of Jesus as the one who was criminalized and rejected as well. He stands on the underside of subjectivity. There’s also a fascinating (by which I mean terrifying) connection between supersessionism (and anti-Semitism in its worse cases linked to the racialization of Jewishness) and the origins of marking bodies by race.

  • blackdreamhunk
  • blackdreamhunk

    Santa Claus is a shortened form of San/Saint Nicholas. He is supposed
    to be this easy-go happy fat Nordic fellow (Pale skin man) from the
    North pole yelling ho..ho..ho.. and as he merrily brings the cheer of
    the Christmas season to all and sundry.

    Who is the real Saint Nicholas?

    Nicholas, was probably born during the third century in the village
    of Patara, in what is now the southern coast of Turkey. He was born of
    very wealthy ethnic black Anatolians of the ancient Roman Empire. He was
    one of those ancient and dominant black Muurs of Europe that you only
    fleetingly come across in today’s western history, because the Gothic
    Europeans would hide the true Muurish history in Europe.

    St Nicholas

    Nicholas’ wealthy parents, died in an epidemic while Nicholas was
    still young. Being a devout Christian, he followed the words of Jesus to
    “sell what you own and give the money to the poor.”

    Nicholas used his whole inheritance to assist the needy, the sick,
    and the suffering. He was made the Bishop of Myra while still a young

    The high office of Nicholas at such a young age speaks to dominant
    role played by Muurish black Anatolians and Africans in creating the
    church as we know it today.

    It is a historical fact that most of the early and very famous
    bishops of the church, who lived and gave their lives for the church
    were either Muurish Africans or Muurish diaspora.

    The Icon of Muurish Apostle of Christ St Peter

    Saint Peter

    The icon of Peter the first apostle depicted as a Muurish black man in Rome

    Archbishop John Chrysostom, Pope Leo the Great 400-469 AD, Pope
    Mithilades, Bishops of Rome, Saint Peter the Bishop of Alexandria 300 –
    311 AD and innumerable Saints and Matrys were all Muurish people of
    African descent.

    Generosity of San Niclaus

    Bishop Nicholas was known throughout the land for his generosity to
    the those in need, his love for children, and his concern for sailors
    and ships.

    Under the Roman Emperor Diocletian, Bishop Nicholas suffered for his faith, was exiled and imprisoned.

    After his release, Nicholas attended the Council of Nicaea in AD 325,
    where he worked with other early fathers of the church to establish the
    standardized christian doctrine of today.

    The passing of the real Santa Claus

    He died December 6, AD 343 in Myra and was buried in his cathedral
    church, where a unique relic, called manna, formed in his grave.

    In the picture here that follows, one sees the funeral of St Nicholas.

    Funeral of Saint Nicholas

    The discovery of this liquid substance, which was said to have
    healing powers, fostered the growth of devotion to Nicholas. The
    anniversary of his death became a day of celebration, St. Nicholas Day,
    December 6th (December 19 on the Julian Calendar).

    The fake snow-flakes they call Santa Claus

    Today, the western pagans descendants of Gothic and Slavic conquerors
    of Rome and Christianity have built up an idolatorous image of Odin,
    the god of the Goths and the Norsemen, and have passed it off as the
    real Saint Nicholas.

    The real St Nicholas



  • blackdreamhunk
  • blackdreamhunk

    My last link here as proof Jesus is black

    one more link I am done last link Jesus is black!

  • blackdreamhunk

    dam it moors Pete., this video was meant for a different site I was trying talking about moors.

  • Randall

    Both Joseph and Mary were Jews from Galilee. So, aside from all the emotional hype over some TV commentator’s ridiculous comments about Jesus being white…how do we get Jewish people of 1st century Palestine turning into “black people?”
    Bottom line people, for starters—get your geography correct. Besides, who cares about all this racial stuff anyway! God IS color-blind because HE looks at the heart. End of conversation

  • braulio

    Jesus was not white or black.the bible says he had a copper color to his skin much like an Arab..do arab people look white to you? Does a arab look black to you?does an arab look like he has copper colored skin? You think about it..now the real santa had black skin color don’t believe me Google it.

  • blackdreamhunk

    Do you know anything about the history of Anatolia? St Nicholas was
    certainly not Turkish. It wasn’t until the Battle of Manzikert in 1071
    that the Turkish people entered Anatolia.

    St Nicholas was born in 270. Back then, the Turkic peoples were just
    Nomadic tribes in Northern China. Modern day Xinjiang. Theres little
    chance St Nick was anything BUT Greek. The native Anatolian tribes had
    already been assimilated for hundreds of years.

    Maybe he wasn’t Greek. Maybe he was Roman? Maybe he was Coptic. He
    could have been anything BUT Turkish. Please freshen up on your history
    of the world. Study up on the Turks, the Byzantine Empire, and St Nick.

    Cesar Borgias aka White Jesus

  • blackdreamhunk

    there were no such thing as arabs in those land arabs are a AD people NOT a BC people. please stop telling garbage there was no such thing as Arabs at that time!there is NO Arabs recorded in history they are an AD people.this back up by hard science DNA etc! show me proof ancient historians, or ancient text that says Arabs lived in that time frame in that area of land.

    The Greeks
    knew how to read and write. The romans knew how to read and write. the
    Nubains( kingdom of cush) knew how to read and write. Ethiopians knew
    how to read and write. The Egyptains knew how to read and write.

    Where are the Arabs historians?

    • jason

      Yes Arabs didn’t exist around that time. The Assyrians and Babylonians did and don’t you dare say they were black. There over 3 million Assyrians that live in the world and still speak their ancient tongue the tongue that Jesus, Abraham and all the other profits spoke. If blacks did rule over these countries than how come the only ones to speak this ancient tongue are not white or black but of Semitic race. How dare you take away someone else culture and make it yours. It hurts to see people doing this. I am an Assyrian and my land is taken away from Arabs and now I have Africans and Europeans saying it was theirs long ago. There is hardcore evidence that Assyrians or any other skeleton remains found do not link to Africans or Europeans and not even Arabs. There were Assyrian historians that wrote in their language ARAMAIC go search that language please. I speak that language and my grandfather can speak it read it and write it. The first bible was written in Aramaic. The language that those 3 to 4 million people speak today fluently. So please if you think your facts are on the dot rethink it and search about native iraqis and their native tongue. Assyrians still exist don’t let the media fool you and say they are gone. Research them. History always repeats its self. If you want to be Mr smart well let me correct you search Palestinian Jews and Iraqi Assyrian people and that will be your true identity of what your 10 leaders would’ve looked like thousands of years ago

      • blackdreamhunk

        The problem with the world today is, if someone “doesn’t know” something,
        then it doesn’t exist (ignorance): Aramaic is a AFRO-ASIATIC Language:
        spoken in Morocco, Algeria, Libya, Tunisia, northern Mali. Hausa in
        Niger spoken as a first language by 25 million, by 20 million across
        West Africa. Oromo of Ethiopia and Kenya, with 33 million speakers;
        Amharic of Ethiopia, with over 25 million native speakers. Ethiopians
        speaking it as a secondary language by 15.5 million people in

      • blackdreamhunk
  • blackdreamhunk
  • blackdreamhunk
  • jason

    No one is saying they were arabs and Arabs didnt exist around those regions. It all starts from Abraham who came from IRAQ not AFRICA OR EUROPE. Abraham took his followers to Bethlehem. I never heard of a Black Iraqi and I never heard of a European Iraqi. Enough with this bullcrap. Jesus was not white or black. He was a Semite Jew from Palestine.Palestinian jews are darker color with thick hair. Not black or white. Abraham had a kid with a Egyptian servant, After that he had a kid with his wife. After he Death Abraham FROM IRAQQQ not Africa married a women from the North African region. Abraham is the grandfather of all Jews and if a black man or white man wants to say Jesus was black than it means Abraham was black or white and they are contradicting themselves because Abraham came from Iraq and that country has no trace of white or black people thousands of years ago. Jesus was of a middle eastern decent. He was a Semitic Jew not a European or African jew. Jesus spoke a dialect of Aramaic and evidence shows that today there are minority of people that still speak that language in North of Iraq and also in Syria and they are Semitic not black or white. So to all of you people that are calling eachother Idiots and saying there were no Arabs well ya its true Arabs were not around those regions but Semitics that spoke Aramaic did. ABRAHAMMMMMMMMMM was from Iraq who spoke Aramaic not Hebrew or african … Blacks and whites need to get their facts strait. I am not racist but damnnn plz research your facts. Abraham came from UR that is in Southern Iraq not Africa or Europe. It all started from him. Ya it is a possibility that his tribes mixed in with black people but the belief started in Iraq. He spread the word of god from Iraq.

  • mystery person

    Jesus is white. Because I am Catholic and believe that he was white.
    If Jesus is white then show me when I’m in heaven because I don’t
    believe he’s black:-)

  • blackdreamhunk

    I am going to stick this right here

    • ToatsMcGoats

      Nice! Thanks for sharing that! I remember when the history channel had stuff like this on it, and not crap “reality” shows.

  • blackdreamhunk

    here is a nice article

    How did the Hebrews turn White? Of course they didn’t really; just in
    the imaginations, and then the histories of White people. Who for
    probably practical reasons, decided that Hebrews, and also the Blacks
    who originally lived in the Country’s that they took over, should all
    become White for posterity’s sake.
    Seeing as how it only takes three
    generations to turn a Black person into a White person (and visa versa).
    No doubt there came a time when as Europe’s formerly bi-racial
    populations, became more homogeneously White, White people decided that
    they could no longer acknowledge that all that they knew and had, was
    derived from the minds and labors of Black people – even down to their
    religious beliefs. The logic no doubt being that Whites could not
    progress to their full potential, if they were always looking up to
    Blacks, as the personification of knowledge and wisdom. So a change had
    to be made, and at some point, by somebody, that change began.
    course, we have no way of knowing when this process of Whitinizing
    Blacks began, or who did it, or where it was first done. But we do have
    some materials by which we can track the process, somewhat.
    first, let us go back to see what Hebrews REALLY looked like. The
    earliest authentic pictures of real Hebrews that we have, date back to
    before Christ. They are Assyrian relief’s showing Hebrews, and others
    that they conquered, in pictorial scenes detailing the battles fought,
    with associated text. These relief’s decorated Assyrian palaces, and
    were no doubt used to gloat over their conquest of the Hebrews and
    others. Here we are using pictures of: Assyrian King Shalmaneser IIIs
    “Black Obelisk” (858 B.C.). Assyrian king Tiglath-pilesar III’s relief’s
    of his conquest of a city near the Sea of Galilee (730 B.C.). Assyrian
    King Sennacherib’s relief’s of the conquest of the Judean City of
    Lachish (701 B.C.). The four pictures below, are from those Assyrian
    relief’s. (These relief’s are stored in the British Museum, London


  • blackdreamhunk
  • blackdreamhunk
  • blackdreamhunk

    Jesus was a hebrew and had ancestors who came from Egypt where brown-skinned and black-skinned people with roots in the Sudan lived [before you say “he was
    white” just because you were taught that, please read up on the original people
    of the Nile and the various invasions of the area that became pre-Christ Egypt
    by light-brown-skinned (Alexander the Great) as well as dark-skinned people
    (Nubia) groups]. Even the Bible’s limited descriptions of Jesus describe him as
    a man with hair that was “white like wool” and feet that were
    “burnt like brass.” [Sounds much more like a wooly-haired black than
    straight-haired, white-skinned person to me, my friends]. Certain whites now
    accuse blacks of “rewriting history” but it was, indeed, people of
    European descent who rewrote history and, wrongly, promoted an image of a red-haired,
    blue-eyed Jesus Christ throughout the world.

    • Elisabeth

      Too bad people don’t understand the bible. Revelations talking about Jesus in this way was all symbolic. White of wool to depict his purity and soo on. (Think about why would his hair be white anyway?) It was not a literal description of Jesus. Most or all people that understand the bible know this. I do not believe his was blonde haired and blue eyed. I believe he looked like the people there now! Why not? He could be darker or lighter? Curly hair or wavy…. Why can’t people just assume he looks like the people from which he came from that we can look at now! I honestly don’t think it really matters much since he wasn’t any color in spirit he was God fully. Mary was a virgin remember? His color isn’t a big deal. I imagine an olive skinned man with dark wavy hair and dark eyes.

    • Mason

      Plain and simple, you believe what correlates to your race. You quite literally are the definition of racist. Perhaps not in the modern sense… But you are definitely racist.

  • blackdreamhunk

    just want to add this right here race does not matter my foot!

    In this Feb. 1997 file photo, actor Desi Arnaz Giles rehearses for ‘Passion Play’ at the Park Theater Performing Arts Center in Union City. N.J. Giles’ portrayal of Jesus Christ in the play caused some ticket cancellations and even death threats against Giles and the theater. The reaction was a reminder of just how difficult it is for anyone to transcend race — even a historical figure widely considered to be something beyond human. / AP


  • blackdreamhunk
  • blackdreamhunk
  • ldwaddell

    I guess for some racial identity is the end all and be all of their existence. Whether Jesus was Caucasian or Negroid is not the issue, was he the Son of God, the Messiah and Savior of the world? That is the question that matters. If you answer yes then obey his teachings. If you doubt then may the love of God open your heart and mind to seek and understand.

    • brad

      Oh yes it is very much an issue that Jesus is BLACK. The truth is always an issue. If it’s not an issue, then why do Whites and others want to lie about it. See it’s obviously an issue. I love my BLACK JESUS! AMEN!!!

    • blackdreamhunk
  • ldwaddell

    Abraham and Sarah were both from Ur on the Tigris River in what is now Iraq (AKA Persia) Migrated to what is now Israel. Not sure that Negroid peoples were the primary inhabitants of Abraham’s home land at the time.

    • brad

      Black people AKA Africans were all over the world before anyone else. Don’t you see, they lied to you in world His-Story class. http://www.stewartsynopsis.com also http://www.stewartsynopsis.com/chapter_7.htm

      • Pippy

        The so called Blacks you are speaking about were the Jews from Israel. They migrated to Africa and were rejected and the reason why they were sold into slavery by Africans. Africans are Gentiles and not the same as the so called blacks.

  • blackdreamhunk
  • blackdreamhunk
  • blackdreamhunk

    If you research the Ethiopian Jews, known as, Beta Israel (or Falasha)
    they have been associated with the Tribe of Dan for centuries, and this
    has been asserted by a number of noted rabbis and rabbinical scholars as
    far back as the 15th century (as if the latter really matters to these people).
    Beta Israel still perform the most ancient religious ceremonies known to “Judaism” or Hebraism.
    I guess you never heard of the Lemba people of Uganda, a Black African
    People, who have more actual Hebrew or Jewish DNA markers than any of
    the other European or Mediterranean Jews known in the world today,
    including within the modern state of Israel!
    Let’s not even talk
    about the number of African skulls found in Lachish or the wall reliefs
    of the Assyrian conquest, or that Hebrew is considered an Afro-Asiatic
    Just as today and even more so in the past, the Hebrews or
    the nation of Israel was not confined to a ‘pure race’ as mythologized,
    Abraham was from Ur (Sumeria) and even Moses married an Ethiopian woman,
    and throughout the bible we see the Israelites mixing and some having
    even Canaanite names.
    A portrayal of a Black Samson, is wa-aaaay more plausible and likely than a “white” Charleston Heston Moses!
    You need to read, The Invention of the Jewish People, written by, Shlomo Sanda, a “white” Jewish scholar.
    book was in the best-seller list in Israel for nineteen weeks. It was
    reprinted three times when published in French (Comment le peuple juif
    fut inventé, Fayard,
    Paris, 2008). In France, it received the “Prix
    Aujourd’hui”, a journalists’ award given to a non-fiction political or
    historical work. An English translation of the book was published by
    Verso Books in October 2009. The book has also been translated into
    German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Arabic, and Russian, and as of
    late 2009 further translations were underway The Invention of the Jewish
    People has now been translated into more languages than any other
    Israeli history book.

  • Wickedpedia PHil

    curious yeah but I’m more interested in what Jesus really said and taught,if you read the new testament while excluding the letters of Paul u get a different feeling

  • blackdreamhunk
  • blackdreamhunk

    what did Jesus look like according to the scripture. who wrote the
    Torah. What is the likely hood of their pigmentation? Did they look like
    the people that are in Israel now?
    i am putting this link right about ancient Hebrews

  • Anishinabe-Waki

    In the Book of Daniel, it says the hair of the Messiah’s head would be “like the pure wool” of a lamb and the Book of Revelation likens the prophetic Jesus’ feet to “fine brass, as if burned in a furnace.”
    IF he existed…Jesus was DARK! If Jesus was originally from Europe…do you think that any European woud say he was dark? C’mon!!!

  • blackdreamhunk

    From Babylon to Timbuktu Part 1

  • blackdreamhunk

    For people who are into science or history this is for you.

    Christianity and Judaism is an old BLACK people Egyptian religion

    the Roman historian of 90 A.D., says that the Romans of his day
    popularly believed that the Jews, which then abounded in Europe, came
    from Ethiopia, the land of the Blacks

    Ahmed Osman is a historian
    and the author of numerous books on biblical history, focusing on the
    late Eighteenth Dynasty of Egypt. His works and discoveries have opened
    doors that were shut by convention; requiring scholars and theologians
    to redefine the very roots of their beliefs.”
    “If Jesus, in actuality
    was Tutankhamun, then I just had to ask the $64 thousand question, who
    then was the Jesus that Christians believe was crucified in the 1st
    century AD by the Romans? Osman replied matter-of-factly,“the gospels of
    the Nag Hammadi do not talk of a crucifixion under Pontius Pilate,
    neither does St Paul in any of his letters. Some Gnostics believe it was
    someone else, someone called Simon, who was killed on that occasion.”
    But then Osman astonishes me with what he says next.“However, I do
    believe that Jesus died on the cross, not the Roman cross, but the
    Egyptian ankh cross. All ancient Egyptian kings are believed to have
    been sacrificed on this cross. Though crucifixion on this cross only
    means physical death, not spiritual.The ankh was a symbol, not of death,
    but of life, and it is the ankh that was used by all Christians until
    the 4th century when the Vatican introduced the Roman cross for the
    first time. Even the cross that is reported to have been seen by
    Constantine, the cross that foreshadowed his conversion, represented the
    Egyptian ankh.”

    “…I am the LORD thy God from the land of
    Egypt, and thou shalt know no god but me: for there is no saviour beside
    me.” -Hosea 13:4:

    Christianity and Judaism is an ancient
    Egyptian religion. Black people religion. The 1st PPL. to walk the earth
    brought us the 1st religions. Non-Africans were NOT even on earth when
    it started. ALL Fact. Show me a African scholar who refutes this.


    mistake European corruption of after Nicaea. It was an African bishop
    Athanasius who defended the trinity, against the Arians, who was started
    by Arius also an African bishop. Second after the council of Nicaea and
    Constantine, there the Third African Pope a saint as well Pope St.
    Gelasius I. So how was there a European corruption of Christianity? Look
    at the similarities between the ancient church in Ethiopia and Eritrea
    known as the Tawehdo right of the Catholic Church

  • blackdreamhunk

    look into on this subject with

    5) DR. Yosef Ben-Jochannan.

  • nexiusus

    I think the more important question is was there a Jesus. Only one of the writers even has the possibility of being there and he was over a hundred years old at the time of writing supposedly..

  • Reg

    But whats wrong with Jesus being Black??? Does this change anything? Will this change your faith??

  • blackdreamhunk
  • blackdreamhunk
  • The fact

    Malcolm X will also become white in 1500 years wait and see.

  • blackdreamhunk
  • blackdreamhunk

    books on the subject that you can read nice list found on this link

  • blackdreamhunk
  • blackdreamhunk
  • blackdreamhunk
  • blackdreamhunk

    Ethiopian (Black) Hebrew Images of JESUS CHRIST from Roman Crypts


  • brad

    JESUS is very much a BLACK man. http://www.stewartsynopsis.com/chapter_7.htm read it. Then go back to the top of the page and hit on “African’s Bible”, then read it. There is no debate, JESUS is a BLACK MAN! Y’all better start respecting BLACK people real quick, that is if you know what’s good for you. And let me remind everyone, whites are only 8% of the planet.

  • blackdreamhunk

    1)Meter Neter by. RA UN NEER AMEN.
    2) stolen legacy by. George G.M. James
    3)Civilization or Barbarism – An Authentic Anthropology by Cheikh Anta Diop


  • blackdreamhunk
  • blackdreamhunk
  • blackdreamhunk
  • blackdreamhunk

    white people want to claim hyksos they were black too

  • blackdreamhunk
  • blackdreamhunk

    nice link here from malcom x

  • blackdreamhunk
  • blackdreamhunk

    Afro-Asiatic linguistics can be used to trace origins as well. DNA is only one form of evidence.
    linguistics, there is an Afro-Asiatic FAMILY. According to researchers.
    While, not as accurate as some methods, because of migration. It can be
    used to prove connections and interactions with groups. Africa, itself
    has yet to be studied as vigorously as other Afro-Asiatic languages such
    as the Semitic languages. Which, in turn can leave a lack of
    understanding of the true connection between Afro-Asiatic groups.

    A Description of the Afro-Asiatic (Hamito-Semitic) Language Family
    Cory D. Crawford
    Linguistics 450
    Dr. Hallen
    contrast to the Indo-European Language Family, about which much
    research has been done over the past two centuries, relatively little is
    known about the former Hamito-Semitic Language Family, now known as the
    Afro-Asiatic Family.(hile much research has been accomplished with the
    Semitic Languages because of Arabic and Hebraic religious ties, little
    has been done with the Afro-Asiatic family as a whole.) This paper will
    describe this language family as is current with modern scholarly
    thought, and will also acknowledge current research having to do with
    the Afro-Asiatic Family.

    This family spreads itself over the
    northern third of Africa and into western Asia (also known as the Near
    East), and 175 million people speak languages that belong to this family
    (Ruhlen 1987:86). It is thought to be the parent of at least 250
    languages (Bomhard and Kearns 1994:24). The name Hamito-Semitic was
    applied to describe the two main phyla (Hamitic and Semitic) that
    philologists of African languages connected in the late nineteenth and
    early twentieth centuries. The Hamitic branch included Ancient Egyptian
    (an extinct language known as Coptic in its final stages), Berber, and
    Cushitic, while the Semitic branch included the well-documented Arabic,
    Hebrew, and Akkadian.(More will be said about these phyla shortly.) In
    1949 American linguist Joseph H. Greenberg drew different lines in
    Afro-Asiatic classification. He showed that the Hamitic languages did
    not bear enough resemblance to be classified as one subgroup, but that
    each of the three (Egyptian, Berber, and Cushitic) constituted its own
    subgroup. Thus the name ‘Hamitic’ was no longer valid and possibly
    racist (Ruhlen 1987:82). He therefore coined “Afro-Asiatic” as the name
    for this family. It included the six groups Ancient Egyptian, Omotic,
    Cushitic, Semitic, Berber, and Chadic,

  • J111

    @blackdreamhunk, Most countries back then were diversified. why does everyone want to
    come to the united states because they all want a better living. well
    back than it was the same. The middle east was diversified with all types
    of people and other types of tribes.
    There are two theories the first one is religion, noah’s kids looked all different, abrahams kids
    conquered different parts of the world he had kids with three women, 2 which were his wives. All women were different in race and all their children conquered different parts of the world which are the asians, middle easterns, europeans, and africans. The other theory is science, about 60,000 years ago first man from
    africa which was black left to settle else where and due to climate change the features
    changed and the skin became lighter. Interestingly both theories somewhat connect and makes us all one.
    Jesus was a Semitic, he was Palestinian and was not Hebrew. Jesus spoke Aramaic. Palestinians spoke Aramaic before till the Arabs expanded their empire and made Arabic the official language and took over and changed the language to Arabic even though Arabic is the same lineage of Hebrew and Aramaic. Interesting thing is the people who speak Christ’s language today are of a lighter skin and these people are the Assyrians that live Northern part of Iraq and over 4 million people speak the Aramaic dialect. The closest Jesus would
    probably look like is what a modern Palestinian would look like today. You said that his hair was white like wool but that is wrong the bible says that his feet were into burnt brass the hair of his head was like the lamb’s wool. Blacks
    are not the only ones with thick hair arabs and middle easterns have hair like wool do to the climate. Egyptians were diversified for thousands of years because of the big empire and the tradings so it wasn’t only blacks that is why Egypt is so mixed. Palestinians have more of a bronze skin color than any other race. Palestinians make more sense to match jesus description very well. Arabs and middle eastern are known to have
    really thick hair as well. It doesn’t matter what Jesus was I believe in him as my lord and savior. I am not Palestinian and I dont get mad that Jesus is one and I dont care what skin color he is but based on facts and long research, christ would resemble what an arab or middle eastern would look like today. Look at the president of Palestine he is not black or white. He has bronze skin color . EVERY WHITE MAN BACK THAN WAS BROWN MY FRIEND BECAUSE THERE WASN’T MUCH SHADE DUE TO THE OUTSIDE ACTIVITIES. If I stay outside infront of the sun for 10 mins I will get darker than brown. like I said back than there wasn’t much shade people spent most of the days working outside.

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    article quote” Are Ashkenazi Jews Descended From Khazars?

    New research in the ongoing academic debate says no

    a new chapter in the ever-heated, ongoing, and somewhat esoteric debate
    over whether Ashkenazi Jews descended from the Khazars, a Turkic people
    who lived in the Caucasus region between the 7th and 10th centuries. A
    long-held theory posits that members of the kingdom converted to Judaism
    at the behest of their ruler, a notion that anchored Yehuda Ha-Levi’s
    Kuzari and fascinated Stalin. But in a new article in the journal Jewish
    Social Studies, Hebrew University researcher Shaul Stampfer argues
    there is no evidence from Medieval Jewish, Islamic or Christian texts
    that such a conversion took place.
    “The silence of so many sources
    about the Khazars’ Judaism is very suspicious,” Stampfer tells Haaretz.
    “The Byzantines, the geonim [Jewish religious leaders of the sixth to
    eleventh centuries], the sages of Egypt—none of them have a word about
    the Jewish Khazars.”
    Assuming it’s a myth, it’s one that offered Jews
    “a source of encouragement in difficult times” Stampfer writes in his
    study. “The history of the Khazars is an important topic in its own
    right and deserves to be studied seriously and carefully, without the
    unnecessary distraction of looking for hints of a conversion that never
    took place. The same is true for Jewish history. Research must be
    subordinated to facts and not to personal agendas.”
    findings serve as a retort to the controversial work of Tel Aviv
    University historian Shlomo Sand whose 2009 book, The Invention of the
    Jewish People, argued for the link between Ashkenazi Jews and the
    Khazars of the Steppe and saw in that truism an upending of the Jews’
    historical claims on the land of Israel.
    Related: Where Did Yiddish Come From?
    A Case for Genetic Jewishness”


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    nice link here

    5 Reasons Race Still Matters in Religion

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    new article quote “Persecution of the Jewish Race Continues, Israel’s Dark DNA Secret Revealed

    article qoute” Politics / Israel Jul 10, 2014 – 07:17 AM GMT
    By: Nadeem_Walayat

    I write the descendants of the Jewish race in Israel / Palestine are
    once more suffering ritual slaughter with the number of dead at this
    time inevitably soon to escalate into the hundreds, a blood letting that
    is periodically unleashed on an near annual basis in Palestine in
    response to the Jewish races quest for freedom from persecution of that
    which has claimed more than 60,000 lives since the year 2000 alone.

    may be puzzled in that the mainstream press reporting of the escalating
    death toll, because the large number of deaths being reported on by the
    press are stated as being of Palestinians with as of writing not one
    Israeli person injured in retaliation. However, what this illustrates is
    the evolving myths that underly ALL religions as Judaism’s elite used
    the exodus and the Roman expulsion out of Palestine myths to create the
    myth of a Jewish race diaspora during the 19th century that formed the
    corner stone of Zionism so that the mass of european Jews could directly
    link themselves by blood to a homeland in Palestine called Israel that
    they say that God promised that they would be returned to and to which
    end are supported by Christian Zionists towards fulfillment of their own
    End Times prophecy.
    The key point is that Judaism unlike other
    faiths such as Christianity and Islam is focused primarily on race, the
    Jewish tribes that are said connect the mass of European Jewry by blood
    from father to son all the way back to the ancient tribes of Israel. So
    by its very nature Zionism and its manifestation of Judaism in modern
    day Israel is a racist ideology of the propaganda for the existence of
    the Jewish race, of people chosen by God who were expelled from
    Palestine several millennia ago and who’s goal is to return to claim
    their homeland by right of direct blood line and thereby have the right
    to exterminate the rights of the indigenous population whom the state of
    Israel has been actively ethnically cleansing and persecuting since
    However, over the past decade, repeat scientific DNA analysis
    of the ‘Jewish’ populations of the Middle East and across the world,
    including of Europe has revealed the truth of the dark secret at the
    heart of modern day Israel which is that the Jews of Israel NEVER left
    Palestine. They continued to live in Palestine where many first
    converted to Christianity primarily through force, and then later to
    Islam again primarily by force as both Christianity and Islam sought to
    propagate their own supreme doctrines for absolute control over
    populations through conversion or persecution, only leaving behind small
    pockets of practicing descendants of the Jews of Palestine of 2,000
    years ago.
    DNA research reveals that well over 95% of the population
    of the Israel are NOT in fact Jews by blood, as defined by the zionist
    doctrine that underlys the fraud behind the creation of the state of
    Israel and its continuing quest for expansion by means of what have
    internationally been declared as being illegal settlements, for Judaism
    since the 19th century has increasingly defined jewish ness on the basis
    of RACE and not CONVERSION as until that time had been accepted
    practice as was the case for all major religions. Instead, modern
    discovery of DNA and technologies for its analysis reveals the truth
    that the Jews of Europe given their DNA are NOT closely related to the
    indigenous Jewish populations of Palestine, instead they are closely
    related to other european peoples, and where most of whom are only a few
    generations removed. Hence why it is claimed by some that even Hitler
    had jewish ancestor because the european people of what ever religion
    ARE MIXED, Christians, Jews even pre-war Muslims are EUROPEAN PEOPLE.
    The Jewish Race and Khazarian Imposters
    DNA study by Dr. Eran Elhaik (Israeli Jew) and associates at the
    McKusick-Nathans Institute of Genetic Medicine, Johns Hopkins University
    School of Medicine. In research published by the Oxford University
    Press on behalf of the Society of Molecular Biology and Evolution, found
    that the European Jewish genome is a mosaic of ancestries which rise
    primarily out of the european Khazars.
    Out of Khazaria—Evidence for “Jewish Genome” Lacking
    By Dr. Eran Elhaik – University of Sheffield
    Elhaik, a geneticist at the Johns Hopkins School of Public Health,
    thinks so. In a recently published study in Genome Biology Evolution
    (Elhaik 2012), he is calling for a rewrite of commonly held assumptions
    about Jewish ancestry. Instead of being primarily the descendants of the
    12 tribes of Israel, present-day Jewish populations are, finds Elhaik,
    primarily the children of a Turkish people who lived in what is now
    Russia, north of Georgia, east of Ukraine. This civilization, the
    Khazars, converted from tribal religions to Judaism between the 7th and
    9th centuries.
    The controversy cut into by Elhaik’s work runs deep,
    far past the lab bench. Among some circles, his conclusions are bound to
    be unpopular. “This is the first scientific paper to prove the
    Khazarian Hypothesis and reject the Rhineland Hypothesis,” he says, “and
    with it about 40 years of research.” Although his findings will not be
    welcome in all circles, Elhaik’s interest is more medical than
    “All I want is to help my colleagues who are studying
    genetic disorders,” he says. “I hope this work will open up a new era in
    genetic studies where population stratification will be used more
    Jewish populations are used in many disease studies
    because of their presumed genetic homogeny. Some conditions, such as
    Tay–Sachs disease, are more common among select Jewish populations than
    other populations. However, Elhaik says, the acceptance of a flawed
    origin narrative is hampering the best science.
    For several decades,
    two hypothetical backgrounds of present-day European Jews have seemed
    plausible to historians and geneticists. In the favored “Rhineland
    Hypothesis,” Jews descended from Israelite–Canaanite tribes who left the
    Holy Land for Europe in the seventh century, following the Muslim
    conquest of Palestine. Then, in the beginning of the 15th century, a
    group of approximately 50,000 left Germany, the Rhineland, for the east.
    There they reproduced rapidly, in a kind of “hyper–baby boom.” Their
    breeding outpaced their non-Jewish neighbors by an order of
    magnitude—despite disease, persecutions, wars, and economic
    hardship—ballooning to approximately 8 million strong by the 20th
    century. Under this history, European Jews would be very similar to each
    other and would have Middle Eastern ancestry.
    Several scholars
    prefer the “Khazarian Hypothesis,” Elhaik included. This suggests the
    Jewish-convert Khazars, with reinforcements from Mesopotamian and
    Greco-Roman Jews, formed the basis of Eastern Europe’s Jewish population
    when they fled northeast, following the collapse of their empire at the
    13th century.
    Elhaik first became fascinated by this idea 10 years
    ago when reading Arthur Koestler best-selling book The Thirteenth Tribe,
    published in 1976. Koestler calculated that Jews could not have
    numbered 8 million in Eastern Europe without the Khazar contribution.
    Upon reading his ideas, “I couldn’t wait for genetic data that would
    allow someone to publish an evaluation of this hypothesis,” says Elhaik.
    Behar et al. published “The genome-wide structure of the Jewish people”
    in 2010, Elhaik decided to investigate the question that had intrigued
    him for so long. Using data published by Behar, he calculated seven
    measures of ancestry, relatedness, and geographical origin. Though he
    used some of the same statistical tests as prior studies, he chose
    different comparisons.
    “Results in the current literature are
    tangled,” Elhaik says. “Everyone is basically following the same
    assumption: Ashkenazi Jews are a population isolate, so they are all
    similar to one another, and this is completely incorrect.”
    studies had, for example, combined the question of similarity among and
    between Jewish populations and the question of ancestry and relatedness
    to non-Jewish populations. Elhaik viewed these questions separately.
    Jewish communities are less homogeneous than is popularly thought, he
    says, with Jewish communities along the former Khazarian border showing
    the most heterogeneity.
    His second question centered on ancestry:
    When comparing Jewish communities to their non-Jewish neighbors,
    Caucasus or Levant (Middle Eastern) populations—which is the closest to
    Jews? “All Eurasian Jewish communities are closer to Caucasus
    populations,” he writes, with Central European Jews closer to Italian
    non-Jews as the exception. Not one of the eight evaluated Jewish
    populations were closer to Levant populations.
    “I had the hardest
    time clearing myself from the mindset (of previous work),” Elhaik says.
    “I was on the train, thinking hard, when it came to me how to separate
    the questions. It was a great moment.” However, it would be a mistake,
    Elhaik says, to conclude present-day Jews have nothing to do with the
    ancient Judeans. “I found a signature of the Middle East. I’m not
    certain whether it suggests Judean or Iranian ancestry, but it’s there.”
    Iranian, as well as Judean, Jews began joining the Khazarian empire as
    early as the 5th century B.C.E. “It might be strange given today’s
    political situation, but it makes a lot of historical sense.”
    Shlomo Sand, history professor at Tel Aviv University and author of the
    controversial book The Invention of the Jewish People, Elhaik’s paper
    was a vindication of his long-held ideas.
    “It’s so obvious for me,”
    says Sand. “Some people, historians and even scientists, turn a blind
    eye to the truth. Once to say Jews were a race was anti-Semitic, now to
    say they’re not a race is anti-Semitic. It’s crazy how history plays
    with us.“
    “There is no Jewish genome and certainly no Jewish gene,”
    says the Israeli-born Elhaik. Instead, all humans are a mix of the same
    building blocks, built with slightly different architectures. “The
    confusion about European Jews results from their tragic history of
    persecutions and deportations, creating multiple links between ancestry
    and geography. By dismantling our notions of genetically distinct
    populations and understanding our kinship, we can better appreciate our
    common history, and more importantly, our shared future.“
    Source: http://gbe.oxfordjournals.org/content/5/1/75.full
    DNA GPS Tracking with Dr Eran Elhaik
    Dr Eran Elhaik explains how DNA tracking of populations and individuals is done.
    Ashkenazi Jews Are Genetically European
    DNA study co-authored by Martin Richards, at the University of
    Huddersfield in England confirms the same of Ashkenazi jews that
    destroys the myth of european jews being descendants of people who left
    the middle east 2,000 years ago, but instead over 80% of whom are Jewish
    Richards and his colleagues analyzed mitochondrial DNA,
    which is contained in the cytoplasm of the egg and passed down only from
    the mother, from more than 3,500 people throughout the Near East, the
    Caucusus and Europe, including Ashkenazi Jews.

    The team found
    that four founders were responsible for 40 percent of Ashkenazi
    mitochondrial DNA, and that all of these founders originated in Europe.
    The majority of the remaining people could be traced to other European

    All told, more than 80 percent of the maternal lineages
    of Ashkenazi Jews could be traced to Europe, with only a few lineages
    originating in the Near East.

    Virtually none came from the North
    Caucasus, located along the border between Europe and Asia between the
    Black and Caspian seas.

    The finding should thoroughly debunk one
    of the most questionable, but still tenacious, hypotheses: that most
    Ashkenazi Jews can trace their roots to the mysterious Khazar Kingdom
    that flourished during the ninth century in the region between the
    Byzantine Empire and the Persian Empire, Richards and Ostrer said.

    The genetics suggest many of the founding Ashkenazi women were actually converts from local European populations.

    simplest explanation was that it was mainly women who converted and
    they married with men who’d come from the Near East,” Richards told

    Another possibility is that Jews actively converted
    both men and women among local populations at this time, although
    researchers would need more detailed study of paternal lineages to test
    that hypothesis, Richards said.
    Source: http://www.livescience.com/40247-ashkenazi-jews-have-european-genes.html
    it is ironic that Jewish people given their long history of persecution
    as each of the worlds two major emerging religions sought to convert
    Jews amongst other peoples towards total submission. That following the
    creation of the state of Israel have in effect been persecuting the REAL
    JEWS, the PALESTINIANS who long ago converted to first Christianity and
    then later Islam so that they could be allowed to live in the lands of
    their ancestors in peace.
    Therefore in terms of Zionist ideology of
    those in charge of Israel today can only be deemed to be imposters, as
    by definition of today’s Judaism are NOT REAL JEWS, are NOT the
    descendants of Abraham, not the ancient israelites, for they have no
    greater genetic similarity with the actual ancient jewish populations of
    the middle east than any other european populations.
    So it is no
    wonder that the converts to Judaism so vehemently deny the Palestinians
    as being a people for truth of their existence destroys their whole
    claim to the land. It’s akin to Christians stating that God gave them
    America when the truth is that it was stolen from the native Indians,
    much as the waves of Jewish European migrants continue to do to the
    Palestinians to this very day as illustrated by the ethnic cleansing
    settlements programme.
    Off course if we go far back enough in time
    then we will find that we are ALL related (some 3,000 years), and our
    oldest common male ancestor is said to have emerged 209,000 years ago in
    again more ground breaking genetic work by Dr Eran Elhaik of the
    University of Sheffield which given the vagueness of the Torah and
    subsequent scriptures will undoubtedly be reinterpreted someday to
    rework the setting for Adam and Eve (in reality groups of Adam’s and
    Eves) to far further in the past and locating the garden of Eden over
    3,000 miles south of what many call the holy land today.
    illustrates how the elite use religious myths as tools towards
    manipulating the easily brainwashed masses towards their agenda. We see
    it with EVERY religion, not just Judaism but Christianity, Islam,
    Hinduism all seek to diminish the ability of people to THINK as others
    inform them of what God wants them to think, and how God commands them
    to do x,y,z towards each’s propagation towards total control over ALL of
    In this respect one can expect that Judaism will once more
    over time start to EVOLVE to incorporate the primacy of conversion over
    race in the wake of over whelming DNA evidence as was the case in
    centuries past as Israel’s borders continue to expand as vague passages
    of scripture are reinterpreted and elevated towards supremacy as had
    been the exodus myth since the 19th century.
    The bottom line is that
    the actual documented forced expulsion of millions of the closest
    descendants of the Jewish race began in 1948 when european Jewish
    converts under the banner of Zionism began to steal their land and
    persecute them to the extent of corralling millions in concentration
    camps such as Gaza. If the Jewish converts and their christian
    evangelical supporters actually believe in their religious texts then it
    is they who will ultimately reap the wrath of God for what they are
    doing to the ‘chosen’ people.
    “Behold, I will make them of the
    Synagogue of Satan, which say they are Jews, and are not, but do lie;
    Behold I will make them to come and worship at thy feet and know that I
    have loved thee.” (Revelation 3:9)
    Therefore whilst the jewish
    converts and hundreds of million’s of christians to varying degrees such
    as the Evangelical christians have actively supported the ethnic
    cleansing of Palestine on the basis of a Zionist myth of european Jewish
    claims to the land. However, many in the wake of the DNA evidence are
    starting to open their eyes to what the genetic revelation means for
    their faith and theor role in the support of persecution of the real
    Who should possess the land of Israel? Christian evangelicals
    say it should be the descendants of Abraham. They point to the Old
    Testament and claim that God gave this land forever to the descendants
    of Abraham and that God demands they and they alone own the land.
    To the Christian evangelical, this means the Jews. Yes, it is the Jews who own this land, and it is their land forever.
    The Jews, then, according to Christian evangelicals, are the descendants of Abraham, his seed.
    DNA Science Confounds the Common Wisdom
    people of Israel are not the seed, nor the ancestors, of Abraham. They
    call themselves “Jews,” but in fact, DNA science shows them to be
    Khazars. They say they are “Jew,” but they are not.
    “There are no
    blood or family connections among the Jews,” said Dr. Elhaik in an
    interview with Haaretz, Israel’s daily newspaper. “The various groups of
    Jews in the world today do not share a common genetic origin. Their
    genome is largely Khazar.”
    God Did Not Give the Land to the Khazarians
    when Prime Minister Netanyahu says, “God gave this land to our
    Israelite forefathers,” he is absolutely wrong. There are no Israelite
    forefathers of today’s “Jews.” When today’s “Jews” say they should
    possess the land because they are Israelites and are the seed of
    Abraham, they are mistaken.
    The “Jews” are in Israel for one reason
    and one reason only: Because the United States, in 1948, recognized the
    nation of “Israel” and has since funded and protected it. God’s Word has
    nothing to do with it.
    God’s Word, the Holy Bible, prophesied that
    in the last days imposters would erroneously and falsely claim to be
    “Jews.” These imposters would, the Bible told us, persecute their
    enemies and especially the Christians. But God would have his revenge:
    the “Jews” (Khazars) not do exactly as our God prophesied? Do they not
    persecute the Palestinians and defile the land, claiming they are its
    original inhabitants? This, even though their proven ancestors, the
    Khazars, never set foot in the Middle East and are not the seed of
    My thanks to Dr. Eran Elhaik of Johns Hopkins University and
    to his associates. You have performed a valuable service with your DNA
    research, both to Christianity and to world understanding. Elhaik’s
    research confirms earlier DNA studies, especially the work of Dr.
    Ariella Oppenheim of Hebrew University, who likewise found, in 2001,
    that the “Jews” came from the Khazars rather than the Israelites. Dr.
    Oppenheim even found that some of the Palestinians have the chromosomes
    proving they are “Cohen,” related to the ancient Israelites who worked
    in the Synagogue and Temple.
    Where, and Who, Are the Seed of Abraham?
    ask my evangelical Christian friends: What will you do now? Will you
    heed what God said, in Revelation 2 and 3, about “them which say they
    are Jews and are not?” Will you accept modern DNA science as legitimate
    and valuable in proving the truth of God’s Word?
    Or will you, dear Christian friend, walk right on by, dismissing what both God and science have informed you?
    said that the seed of Abraham would inherit the land. Therefore, we
    must—absolutely must—in light of the DNA evidence, ask ourselves: Where,
    and who are the seed of Abraham?
    We know that Netanyahu and the people who now inhabit Israel have no claim to the land. They are interlopers, false pretenders.
    Source – Texe Marrs – http://www.texemarrs.com/042013/jews_not_descendants_of_abraham.htm
    best alleged jews can only have a trace of jewish DNA on the basis of
    which they choose to propagate their claim to jewishness. It would be
    akin to for instance many millions of Indian’s having traces of English /
    British DNA due to inter-marrying, rape, intercourse many hundreds of
    years ago to lay claim to being English, or many more millions of
    Chinese having traces of Indian DNA to claim themselves as being Indian,
    or go a little further back then any one can lay claim to ANY others
    lands, for instance europeans to North America, europeans to Sub-saharan
    Africa, all on the bases of trace DNA. And it is on that basis of trace
    DNA that european jews lay claim to lands where the indigenous
    palestinian population have a direct DNA linage to.
    Who knows, one day the real jews of Palestine may revert back to their racial religion, then what for the Jewish imposters?
    by virtue of being human we ALL have trace DNA of virtually every other
    human population on earth (related to), no matter the distance in time
    and place and surprisingly that distance in time is quite recent, just
    approx 3,000 years separates virtually all humans alive today which
    busts the myths of the xenophobes of there being different races.
    Moving the Goalposts for Jewishness to Europe
    is the case for most religious frauds, if the facts do not fit them
    move the goal posts. Therefore my expectation is that over the coming
    decades as more and more DNA studies are conducted to reveal the truth
    of lack of jewishness amongst most who class themselves a racially
    jewish then the goal posts of what is jewish will converge to that which
    represents the greatest population of Israel namely eastern european
    DNA. This whilst blatantly being a fraudulent exercise will nevertheless
    be necessary to concoct a new jewish myth of ancestry so as to continue
    to deny Palestinian claims to the land that Jewish converts today
    occupy. Much as Christians have morphed Jesus over the centuries to
    become European blonde haired blue eyed person rather than a dark
    skinned north african, then so will the Jews of Israel reinvent
    jewishness to resemble the bulk of actual Jewish DNA.
    One of the
    consequences of this will be that the minority of Jews (5%) who actually
    ARE directly descendant from Palestinian Jews of 2000 years ago may be
    denounced as NON Jews so as to make the facts fit the DNA evidence
    better and thus Zionism will effectively succeed in killing off the most
    direct blood line from Abraham that they so profess to protect.
    De-radicalisation of Religious Fanatics
    political and media focus surrounds the need to de-radicalise members
    of Muslim communities from both supporting and actively engaging in
    overseas Jihad conflicts with the present day focus on the Levant (Syria
    and Iraq). However, at the same time the media, politicians and state
    institutions have turned a blind eye for decades to the Jewish converts
    support of what amounts to the Jewish Jihad on Palestine in the form of
    supporting the Zionist racist ideology of modern day Israel where the
    most extreme manifestation of which is of armed to the teeth Jewish
    Jihadi settlers ethnically cleansing Palestinians off their lands, the
    violent actions of whom provoke imprisoned and persecuted Palestinian
    jewish descendants to rage against and thus give an excuse for the
    Israeli state to unleash the full weight of its armed forces upon
    palestinian civilian populations that results in an average of over
    4,000 Palestinian killings per year, most of whom tend to be women and
    Therefore secular states such as Britain and the U.S. must
    also seek to de-radicalise members of ALL religions for they all are
    based on myths that do not reflect that which science increasingly
    shines a light upon such as the real genetic identity of those in charge
    of Israel today and therefore recognise the fact that the actions of
    jewish convert settlers and the Israeli state upon the Palestinian
    jewish descendants as a crime against humanity.
    In a future article I will explain why Richards Dawkins is WRONG about Religion.”


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    Hollywood lies and racism about egypt and ancient Hebrews

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    My last link right here I gave tons of sources

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    article qoute” The Origins of Yiddish, Part Dray
    A Little-Known Slavic Language Called Sorbian

    By Philologos
    Published July 20, 2014, issue of July 25, 2014.
    American-born Paul Wexler, now retired from the University of Tel Aviv,
    where he taught for many years, remains to this day the enfant terrible
    of Yiddish linguistics. Looking back, I wish the conversations I had
    with him when we inhabited adjacent tents while doing our basic training
    in the Israeli army in 1974, after which our paths never crossed again,
    had been about Yiddish. As I remember them, however, they were more
    about the ordeal of being raw conscripts at an age when we were already
    husbands and fathers.
    He then did not have the notoriety he later
    acquired, in part due to his unconventional academic behavior. Batya
    Unger-Sargon in her article touched on by my last two columns, relates
    how, back in 1987, Wexler published a long, pseudonymous review of the
    papers presented at a Yiddish linguistics conference presided over by
    Dovid Katz in which Katz roundly attacked every contribution except for
    one made by Paul Wexler. The world of Yiddish scholarship has still not
    quite gotten over it.
    The Origins of Yiddish: Part Tsvey
    Origins of Yiddish Are Anything But Understood
    a far greater extent, though, Wexler has earned his reputation with his
    unconventional views. These have not changed greatly since, at the same
    conference, he broke with Max Weinreich’s “standard theory” of Yiddish
    origins in a paper titled “Reconceptualizing the Genesis of Yiddish,”
    which subsequently led to his revolutionary 1993 monograph, “The
    Ashkenazic Jews: A Slavo-Turkic People in Search of a Jewish Identity.”
    This slim, highly technical and copiously footnoted book was a shocker. A
    far more radical challenge to Weinreich’s “standard theory” than was
    Katz and Robert King’s “Regensburg hypothesis,” it argued that Yiddish
    did not originate in German at all. Rather, Wexler maintained, it
    emerged from a little-known Slavic language called Sorbian, whose
    homeland was (and for a few tens of thousands of people still is) in far
    eastern Central Germany, some 50 miles beyond Dresden, where the
    German, Czech and Polish borders converge.
    Sorbian, also known as
    Wendish, stands roughly halfway between Polish and Czech, and Wexler
    sought to demonstrate that many pieces in the puzzle of Yiddish fell
    into place if one assumed that, in late medieval times, a
    Sorbian-speaking Jewish community underwent a process of
    “relexification” to German — that is, switched languages when German
    speakers settled in the region as part of their overall eastward
    expansion into Slavic territory in the Middle Ages. In doing so, Wexler
    maintained, these Jews — who, like Jews everywhere, had in their
    vocabulary many Hebraisms deriving from religious texts and customs —
    transferred Sorbian words, expressions and grammatical and syntactical
    usages into German on a wholesale basis, thus creating a new language
    that was in reality a form of Slavic disguised in Germanic clothing.
    of the numerous examples that Wexler brings to bear on this question
    will have to suffice as an illustration of his analysis. Already in
    early medieval German, before Yiddish split off from it as alleged by
    both the “standard” and “Regensburg” theories, a process took place
    whereby final voiced consonants like “b” and hard “g” were devoiced;
    hence, German weg, “way,” became pronounced as “vek,” and leib, “body,”
    as “leip.” In Yiddish, on the other hand, these words are pronounced
    “veg” and “leib” to this day. Since, Wexler reasoned, all the Slavic
    languages of Eastern Europe except Sorbian also have final devoicing,
    why would German-speaking Jews moving into Slavic-speaking areas have
    re-voiced such sounds? The answer he gives is that this never happened.
    Rather, as native Sorbian speakers who abandoned it for German, the
    first speakers of Yiddish continued to voice final consonants as they
    always had done.
    Taken by itself, such an example might not seem
    terribly convincing, especially since Yiddish does not voice all final
    consonants (hant, “hand,” is pronounced in it exactly like devoiced
    German Hand) and some Polish dialects besides Sorbian do. Wexler’s reply
    is to say that, though a single case linking Yiddish to Sorbian does
    not necessarily prove his point, the cumulative evidence of dozens of
    cases does. To this his detractors rejoin that the other cases he cites
    are no more persuasive and that dozens of wrongs still do not make a
    These detractors include all serious Yiddish linguists except
    for Wexler himself. Why, then, does his Sorbian theory continue to
    circulate and attract adherents from outside the field of Yiddish
    There would seem to be two different but connected
    reasons. On the one hand, if Yiddish originated among medieval
    Slavic-speaking Jews, about whom we know far less than we do about
    medieval German-speaking Jews, perhaps the problem of where so many
    Yiddish speakers came from can be solved by positing a much larger
    Slavic component in Eastern European Jewry than Jewish historians
    traditionally assumed. On the other hand, if this component included, as
    Wexler appears to believe, many Jewish Khazars who fled westward from
    the destroyed Khazar kingdom to join ex-Sorbian speakers who were
    already in Eastern Europe at an early date, proponents of the “Khazar
    theory” of Eastern European Jewry’s origins are given a linguistic
    boost. Nor has Wexler’s stature with the “Khazarists” been diminished by
    his denying, like them, the essential unity of the Jewish people and
    its claim to a common ancestry. This has placed him where most of them
    are, on the anti-Zionist left, and has embroiled Yiddish linguistics
    with political issues from which it had previously seemed far removed.
    Questions for Philologos can be sent to philologos@forward.com

    Read more: http://forward.com/articles/202368/the-origins-of-yiddish-part-dray/#ixzz38AMCkbVc

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    Roman historian Cornelius Tacitus (56-118 A.D.) had these thoughts on
    the origins and customs of the Hebrews, as the Romans prepared to
    destroy Jerusalem
    Quote:. Many, again, say that they were a race of
    Ethiopian origin, who in the time of king Cepheus were driven by fear
    and hatred of their neighbours to seek a new dwelling-place. Others
    describe them as an Assyrian horde who, not having sufficient territory,
    took possession of part of Egypt, and founded cities of their own in
    what is called the Hebrew country, lying on the borders of Syria.

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    Don’t if I said this before but if you have the time

    5) DR. Yosef Ben-Jochannan.

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    Fossilized Customs
    The Book of Jasher
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    The Deceiving of the Black Race
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    500 Years Later
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