A New Blog on the Reception of the Parables

A New Blog on the Reception of the Parables January 11, 2014

The Sower
Vincent van Gogh (1888)

My friend David Gowler is writing a book on the reception of the Parables for Baker Academic and he’s created a new blog called a Chorus of Voices: The Reception History of the Parables to complement the writing of the book. David has already written on the Parables with this book What Are They Saying about the Parables?.

About the blog David writes:

This blog will document the process of writing that book, and it will include works that I find and insights I have gained through my research for the book . . . Part of the reason for the creation of this blog, then, is to include interpretations that I cannot include in the book itself, simply because of space. I of course also will include in the blog insights about the interpreters that I do include in the book. The blog, like the book, will cover not only written interpretations but visual and other interpretations. I intend not only to focus on theological or academic responses (the book will not concentrate on academic debates in modern scholarship that are adequately covered elsewhere, such as in my What Are They Saying About the Parables? with Paulist Press) but also on other types of responses including literature, the visual arts, music, social and political elements, and so forth. My goal is to include a number of diverse responses to the parables, to allow a wide variety of responses to be heard while attempting to balance depth and breadth, and to focus on important voices while being as comprehensive as possible.

For Parable enthusiasts as well as others interest in how Jesus’ parables have been understood in the writings of the church, paints and other interpretive expressions David’s eventual book and this blog will provide informed accessible insight!

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