Douglas Campbell on Paul’s Letters and His New Book “Framing Paul”

Douglas Campbell on Paul’s Letters and His New Book “Framing Paul” April 3, 2014

Over at the Eerdmans blog is an interview with Doug Campbell about his forthcoming book Framing Paul: An Epistolary account. The blurb reads:

All historical work on Paul presupposes a story concerning the composition of his letters — which ones he actually wrote, how many pieces they might originally have consisted of, when he wrote them, where from, and why. But the answers given to these questions are often derived in dubious ways. In Framing Paul Douglas Campbell reappraises all these issues in rigorous fashion, appealing only to Paul’s own epistolary data in order to derive a basic “frame” for the letters on which all subsequent interpretation can be built. Though figuring out the authorship and order of Paul’s letters has been thought to be impossible, Campbell’s Framing Paul presents a cogent solution to the puzzle.

Here’s the interview:

I love the quote, “Deliverance of God is possibly a little too long, I admit that now.”

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  • Ken Schenck

    As I look at that 3 inch thick book of his on my shelf, my first thought is, Campbell will never have significant impact because he’s not accessible. Glad to know he’s doing something a little more readable. (P.S. I don’t think Wright’s big book will have much lasting impact for a similar reason).

    • Geoffrey Arnold

      I was thinking the same thing about Wright’s book. Having taken two of Campbell’s classes I’ve been able to “access” him without having to rely on the mammoth of a book that Deliverance is. I’m looking forward to his next few books.

  • This conference is a bit easier to get into.