Mariam Kamell to Deliver the 2nd Annual Leon Morris Lecture

Mariam Kamell to Deliver the 2nd Annual Leon Morris Lecture May 9, 2014

Later this month Dr. Mariam Kamell (Regent College) will deliver two lectures at Ridley Melbourne, including:

Open Public Lecture on 22 May at 1400 on “A Biblical Theology of Social Justice.”

The Leon Morris Lecture on 26 May at 1745 on “Living the Kingdom Law.”

This session deals with the kingdom law as it was instituted by Jesus: you shall love your neighbor as yourself. While this phrase has come to mean many things, this talk will work through the biblical account of this command: from its first appearance in Leviticus 19, through Jesus’ reissuing it as one half of the summative law, to its reappearance in Romans, Galatians, and James. This talk asks the question of what this command meant biblically, where it consistently appears amidst calls to holiness, and what it means practically, as we seek to live out Christ’s transforming love in our culture.


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