New Testament Job Opening at Gordon-Conwell

New Testament Job Opening at Gordon-Conwell May 27, 2014

There is a NT job opening at the prestigious Gordon-Conwell Seminary, looking specifically for but not limited to a Synoptics person.

Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary ( announces a tenure track faculty position in the area of New Testament beginning in the fall of 2015. The seminary is an evangelical multi-denominational school with campuses in South Hamilton, Boston, Charlotte and Jacksonville. The school offers M.Div, M.A.,Th.M. and D.Min. degrees. Approximately 2,200 students are enrolled in degree programs at Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary. The position involves full teaching responsibilities in New Testament studies at the campus in South Hamilton. It may also include teaching at one or more of the other campuses. The candidate for this position should have a demonstrated capacity for rigorous academic scholarship, exemplary classroom leadership, a deep commitment to the local church and genuine personal integrity. Above all, the candidate should exhibit a love of Christ and an embrace of the Gospel.

Details here!

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