Did Jesus Make Mistakes?

Did Jesus Make Mistakes? June 4, 2014

Mark Driscoll gave a sermon on Acts 6 where he suggested that, as a child, it is possible that Jesus made mistakes. Mars Hill deleted some of the scenes in Driscoll’s sermon on that point, but you can see the video here, and a it has caused a little stir.

Well the good folks at CT have put up the topic for discussion, Did Jesus Make Mistakes?

Maybe I’m getting liberal in my old age, but I’ve come to the defense of Driscoll with these words:

“Driscoll’s point is prosaic and uncontroversial. Jesus learned to do things as a child through trial and error like reading and writing. That’s obvious if we take the humanity of Jesus seriously. It’s in Gnostic writings like the Infancy Gospel of Thomas where the child Jesus is a supernatural prodigy, incapable of error though prone to fits of vengeance against adults and other children. While critical scholars have argued that Jesus made factual, theological, and even moral errors during his ministry, traditional Christians have never agreed, and neither would Driscoll, I suspect. Driscoll’s point about Jesus making mistakes, while needing qualification, is theologically sound.”
~ Michael Bird, lecturer in theology, Ridley Melbourne Mission and Ministry College

You can find other comments on the CT page from Simon Chan, Roger Olson, Oliver Crisp, Howard Snyder,and Dru Johnson.

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