The Bible’s Attitude to Rape

The Bible’s Attitude to Rape June 19, 2014

My friend Dr. George Athas (Moore Theological College) has a great presentation on “The Bible’s Attitude to Rape.” The subject of rape is monstrous and disturbing. A lot of what the Bible says about rape in Pentateuchal case law and in narrative seems culturally strange and in some cases morally revolting. Thankfully, however, George gives a sensitive and informative presentation about the biblical materials that deal with the subject. He covers the laws pertaining to rape in Deuteronomy 22, as well as the narratives of 2 Samuel 13 (the rape of Tamar), Genesis 19 (Lot in Sodom), Genesis 34 (Dinah and Shechem), and Judges 19 (the rape of a concubine at Gibeah).

To give away the plot, Athas argues that:

Rape is not condoned.
Rape is equated with murder.
The perpetrator is held responsible.
The victim should not be blamed.
The welfare of the victim is of the utmost importance

I don’t say nice things about OT scholars often, but this is one of the best OT presentations I’ve seen. Well worth watching!!!

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