Houston Gets the Bird

Houston Gets the Bird July 20, 2014

Just announced, I’ll be teaching some courses for Houston Baptist University over the next few years. In an announcement, I’ve been appointed to an adjunct role as Distinguished Research Professor of Theology. Looking for

Just to be clear, I am remaining at Ridley College where my primary responsibilities lie and where I’m very happy at. But its good every now and then to teach Americans phrases like “put the biccie in the bin,” that “thongs” are really “flip-flops,” the virtues of vegemite sandwiches, and how to do the tim-tam slam!

I’ll be teaching a course in this coming January term.

Looking forward to hanging out with guys like Michael Licona, David Capes, Jason Maston, Bill Craig, Ben Blackwell, and Peter Davids.

The reason why I opted to do this, they have a Chik-Fil-A on campus … on campus!!!

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