Bruce Longenecker on Apocalyptic and Salvation-History

Bruce Longenecker on Apocalyptic and Salvation-History October 2, 2015

Great quote from Bruce Longenecker on salvation-history:

In effecting salvation in Christ, God has not avoided, neglected, trivialized or rendered irrelevant Israel’s situation. Instead, the situation of Israel is the arena wherein God’s transforming power has initially been operative before extending to universal proportions. The rectification of Israel’s predicament, rather than its abandonment, stands as the prerequisite for the inauguration of the new world. Israel’s own situation has been the place where God had already been at work (e.g., giving the law), and it has become the inaugural locus of God’s eschatological initiative (e.g., sending his son) in order to transform Israel’s situation and consequently to inaugurate a new age. Longenecker, Triumph of Abraham’s God, 94.

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