TULIP of the Apocalyptic Paul

TULIP of the Apocalyptic Paul October 14, 2015

Being the good reformed theologian I am, I try to break down all theologies into five points and convert them into the acronym of TULIP.

Francis Watson did a good job many years ago providing the TULIP of the New Perspective on Paul (see here).

Below I provide the TULIP of the “Apocalyptic Paul”

Total Rejection of Salvation-History

The gospel is punctiliar not linear, continuity is minimal, it was Paul’s opponents who were arguing for continuity with Israel’s sacred history.

Unveiling of salvation in the apocalypse of Jesus Christ

Salvation is revealed exclusively in the Christ-event, his faithfulness, death, and resurrection, which Paul himself experienced in his call to preach the gospel.

Law as agent of Oppressive Powers

Paul, especially in Galatians, regards the law as part of the evil age that is dominated by hostile powers, from whom Jesus rescues believers.

Invasion of Grace as the End of Religion

Paul’s gospel means the end of all religion, whether that is moral therapeutic deism (mainline protestantism) or boundary-set proselytism (evangelicalism)

Pistis Christou as the Faithfulness of Christ

The opposite of “works of the law” is pistis, not “faith” but the “faithfulness” of Christ.

My next task is try come up with a TULIP of the “Radical Perspective on Paul”  featuring Mark Nanos, Pamela Eisenbaum, and others.

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