Bird & Ehrman at Greer-Heard Forum in Nawleans

Bird & Ehrman at Greer-Heard Forum in Nawleans January 17, 2016

In just under a month, the Greer-Heard Point-Counterpoint Forum will be happening  on the topic, How Did Jesus Become God?

Speakers include Larry Hurtado, Simon Gathercole, and Michael Bird plus Bart Ehrman, Dale Martin, and Jennifer Knust.

12-13 Feb, at New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary.

If you live south of the Mason Dixie line, then BE THERE or be the son of a mother-less-socinian who supports the Cubs and moonlights as Donald Trump’s advisor on Christian-Muslim relations.

This could be the greatest christological throw down since Athanasius taunted Arius with the words, “Soz your mamma” or the time Chris Tilling  faced off with James McGrath at the ice cream bar at the Atlanta Marriott and said, “Blimey gov, you’re as daft as a Welshman in a Westminster Water closet.”

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