Book Notice: Embodying Mark

Book Notice: Embodying Mark April 2, 2016

Meda A. A. Stamper
Embodying Mark: Fresh Ways to Read, Pray and Live the Gospel
London: SPCK, 2014.
Available at

The Gospel of Mark is my favourite Gospel, so naturally I was thrilled to come across Meda Stamper’s slender volume on the Gospel of Mark and discipleship.

This volume, useful for individuals and groups, takes the reader through the Gospel of Mark, along the themes of Following the Teacher, Healer, Shepherd, Beloved, Lover, and King. It provides a text to read with other suggested texts, an explanation of the story, and then some suggestions on how to pray and embody the story. I thought the reflections on Mark 15 were particular refreshing and Stamper provides lots of tips on how to connect your own imagination and artistic sense with the Marcan story. A charming and delightful way to journey through Mark’s Gospel.

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