My Top 8 Podcasts Programs … You’ll Want to Know Them Too!

My Top 8 Podcasts Programs … You’ll Want to Know Them Too! May 26, 2016

I thought I’d share my top eight favourite podcasts programs:

8. Eric Metaxas Show.  I enjoy the Eric Metaxas show, it keeps me informed of politics and culture wars in America, Metaxas is super smart and quirky, but I’m silently grieving his (tacit) support for Trump.

7. Word Matters by Brandon Smith and Trevin Wax. These are two of my favourite Southern Baptist boys and they do a good job discussing difficult passages of Scripture and breaking it down so it is easy to understand.

6. The Paulcast by Kurt Willem. A new podcast but so far very good, all things related to Paul and Pauline scholarship.

5. Theology in the Raw by Preston Sprinkle. My man Preston is a great host and he does not shy away from difficult and controversial topics, hard not to like the guy and his way of doing business.

4. Life and Faith by CPX. The Center for Public Christianity (CPX) is one of the best things about Christian faith and public engagement. Great stuff on everything to do with Christianity and culture, but always non-partisan.

3. Kingdom Roots by Scot McKnight. Scot covers topics in New Testament and church ministry, always informative and well reasoned.

2. 12 Byzantine Rulers by Lars Brownworth. Based on the book by the same name and a good reminder that the eastern Roman empire lasted until 1453.

1. The History of Rome by Mike Duncan. A great series with lots of great information and background about the Roman Empire, well worth listening to or getting your students to listen to.

Who knows, maybe one day Scott Harrower and I will create the Now and Not Yet podcast!

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