Great Reviews of What Christians Ought To Believe

Great Reviews of What Christians Ought To Believe July 29, 2016

I’m really stoked with how What Christians Ought To Believe has done in a short time. It’s done fairly well in sales already and there’s been some great reviews. Here’s a few examples:

Over at TGC, J.T. English reviews it:

I’m thankful that What Christians Ought to Believe provides insightful and deep plunges into the history of the Christian faith. It’s my hope that books like this will be widely adopted by evangelicals as we seek to continue in the faith we’ve received … Without question, my favorite chapter in What Christians Ought to Believe is on the article, “I believe in Jesus Christ, his only Son, our Lord.” In my short time as a pastor, I’ve been surprised by how many Christians have a different view of God than what’s revealed in Jesus Christ. Bird reminds us that, as Christians, we believe in “the God who is revealed in the man of Jesus of Nazareth” (74). The Bible is clear on this point. He is the image of the invisible God (Col. 1:15; Heb. 1:1–3). Bird is therefore right to proclaim, “Jesus is our window into the mystery of God” (75).

Over at Got Doubt, Brent P writes glowingly:

In What Christians Ought to Believe, Bird has put together a transforming, challenging and educational examination of the Apostle’s Creed that ties it directly to the greater story of hope and redemption that all Christians already freely profess and proclaim. Even for someone like myself, largely allergic to liturgy and creeds, it invigorates and breathes new life into one of the oldest Christian creeds.

Over at Monday Morning Theologian, JK commented approvingly:

This book is a depth of riches. It is a must-read for every Christian, whether new or lifelong believer, pastor or laity. It should be given, by the church, to every new church member or professing believer, as well as the basis of a Bible study, Sunday School class, or even sermon series (or at least a reference). Additionally, you should buy a copy for any questioning/curious unbeliever that you may know. It will become more and more important that believers are grounded in the historic faith of the church, and this is an important first step.

Over at Christian Cognition, Mike writes:

My favorite chapter was chapter 8: “Believing in the Offence of the Cross”, where Bird explains, whereas we have grown accustomed to wearing a cross as jewelry, the real “cross tells us what God is like.”  It offends. Period.  Bird writes on p. 117, “For critics of Christianity … the cross is the epitome of religion gone crazy … the cross is shameful, affronting, absurd, nonsensical, and plain unjust.”  But in all reality, the cross is, indeed, all of those things.  It doesn’t make sense to the human mind.  But “upon the cross we encounter the depth of God’s mercy for those who were once children of disobedience and his love for those once enslaved to the present evil age”. Rating: I give What Christians Ought to Believe 5 stars out of 5.  I appreciate several facets about the book, namely Bird’s deep-diving approach.  He is an excellent writer, and a sound Bible expositor.  Well done, Mr. Bird!

Thanks to all the very generous reviewers!

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