Udo Schnelle on Cross and Wisdom in Corinth

Udo Schnelle on Cross and Wisdom in Corinth September 6, 2016

Came across this interesting and elegant thought in Schnelle (Apostle Paul [2005], 202-3):

The Corinthians integrated the revealed divine wisdom into the creaturely abilities of human beings in order to make them more powerful. As they understood the matter, divine wisdom and knowledge worked as movens (mover, inciter, inspirer) of human intellectual power. Thereby the real basis of divine wisdom, the event of the cross, fell into the background while human intellectual powers stepped into the foreground … The Corinthians do not eliminate the cross, but they neutralize it in that they see the death of Jesus as the transitional passage-way to the true spiritual existence from which the preexistent one came. By this means they provide a rational basis for the unfathomable acts of God and make their own wisdom equal to that of God.

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