Latest Issue of JSPL

Latest Issue of JSPL September 18, 2017

The latest issue of the Journal for the Study of Paul and His Letters has a great set of essays, built mostly around studies of the Incident at Antioch.

Stanley E. Porter
Editor’s Foreword: The Antioch Incident

Samuel Auler
More Than a Gift: Revisiting Paul’s Collection for Jerusalem and the Pilgrimage of the Gentiles

Sean Christensen
The Pursuit of Self-Control: Titus 2:1-14 and Accommodation to Christ

Joel White
Paul Completes the Servant’s Sufferings (Colossians 1:24)

Mark D. Nanos
How Could Paul Accused Peer of “Living Ethne-ishly” in Antioch (Gal 2:11-21) If Peter Was Eating according to Jewish Dietary Norms?

Joel Willitts
Paul the Rabbi of Messianic Judaism: Reading the Antioch Incident within Judaism as an Irreducibility Story

Magnus Zetterholm
The Antich Incident Revisited

Well done to Stan Porter and Christopher Land for a bumper issue.

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