Scot McKnight’s Commentary on Philemon is Now Available

Scot McKnight’s Commentary on Philemon is Now Available October 6, 2017

Today Scot McKnight’s Commentary on Philemon is now available! I’ve read the manuscript, it is good, it rivals Joseph Fitzmyer’s epic commentary. And it is only $17.00! It is definitely one to have on your bookshelf and to use for a preaching series.

Here’s the blurb:

Paul’s letter to Philemon carries a strong message of breaking down social barriers and establishing new realities of conduct and fellowship. It is also a disturbing text that has been used to justify slavery. Though brief, Philemon requires close scrutiny. In this commentary Scot McKnight offers careful textual analysis of Philemon and brings the practice of modern slavery into conversation with the ancient text. Too often, McKnight says, studies of this short letter gloss over the issue of slavery—an issue that must be recognized and dealt with if Christians are to read Philemon faithfully. Pastors and scholars will find in this volume the insight they need to preach and teach this controversial book in meaningful new ways.

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