Johannine Christology and Nicene Creed

Johannine Christology and Nicene Creed February 16, 2018

I have finally completed my slow reading of Francis  Watson, Gospel Writing: A Canonical Perspective (Grand Rapids, MI: Eerdmans, 2013), which came out too late for me to use in my Gospel of the Lord, and explains why I’m only now giving it a close read.

Otherwise, I was nodding my head with this quote from Watson about the relationship between the christology of the Gospel of John and the Nicene christology:

In the context of the fourfold canonical gospel and its reception, the Gospel of John is important not so much for its supplementary narratives as for its radical Christology, which asserts Jesus’ equality with God – not as a “second God” but by virtue of the mutually constitutive relationship of Father and Son. It has been asserted again and again that the Johannine Christology has little or nothing in common with the christology of Nicaea, that it is far from the evangelist’s thought to see Jesus as “very God from very God,” and that it is his subordinationist statements that express his real view. Yet the Nicene account arises in large part out of an ongoing dialogue with Johannine and other scriptural texts. Indeed, that dialogue – of which the object is Jesus – is already underway within the texts themselves.

Francis Watson, Gospel Writing, 340

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