How Mark uses the OT in his Christology

How Mark uses the OT in his Christology December 16, 2018

Over at TheLAB is a good piece by my fellow-Queenslander Dave Evans on How Mark’s Use of the OT Contributes to His Christology.

Mark’s use of the Old Testament, however, reveals a Christology that is “enigmatic and paradoxical” (Strauss 2014, 734), full of the reality of Jesus’ humanity and yet pointing to his divinity. Jesus is the Davidic Messiah, and yet a suffering servant. He is the Danielic Son of Man who, at his lowest point, claims the highest authority (Mark 14:62). More than that, whether by direct quotation or by allusion, Jesus is revealed as the God of Israel who has come to bring salvation to his people.

In his Gospel, Mark utilises the Old Testament to enrich and explain the Christological significance of the story of Jesus. While he does not make explicit claims to Jesus’ divinity, such as those seen in John’s prologue, Mark’s use of the Old Testament pushes the reader to view Jesus in that way. Jesus is: the Davidic Messiah; the one doing the actions of God; the Danielic Son of Man receiving authority and reigning with the Most High; and as the Son who shares in the divine nature with the Father. Jesus does what only God is supposed to do and exercises his authority over the Law given by God.

It is one of the best summaries of Mark’s christology I’ve seen on-line!

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