The Orthodox Reality: The Way Back from Secularism

The Orthodox Reality: The Way Back from Secularism December 10, 2018

Over at the Acton Institute, Anthony Perkins has a nice review of Eastern Orthodox theologian and ethicist Vigen Guroian’s new book The Orthodox Reality: Culture, Theology, and Ethics in the Modern World (Baker Academic 2018).

Rather than trying to fight a losing battle to reclaim the lost Christian culture of pre-Enlightenment Europe, Guroian argues that Christians need to create a new organic version: an Orthodox- Catholic culture that grows out of our complete dedication to our mutual, sacramental, credal, and evangelical life in Christ. This book may not provide a complete guide on how to do this, but it is a prophetic description of what secularism has done and the destruction that awaits us if we further isolate ourselves from the Source.

Marked as “one to read.”

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