My Logos Mobile Ed Course on the Identity of Jesus

My Logos Mobile Ed Course on the Identity of Jesus January 13, 2019

For those interested, I recorded a short course, only 2 hours, with Logos Mobile Ed on The Identity of Jesus.

It is in many ways a seminary level summary of NT Christology, covering major bits and pieces, with a view to how you get from Nazareth to Nicea.

Only $40.00 and available for pre-order!

Course Outline

Unit 1: The Historical Jesus

  • Jesus and the Kingdom
  • What Did Jesus Think of Himself?
  • Did Jesus Think He Was God?

Unit 2: The Gospels

  • Overview
  • The Gospel of Mark: An Apology for the Crucified Messiah
  • The Gospel of Matthew: The Davidic Messiah
  • The Gospel of Luke: The Prophetic Messiah
  • The Gospel of John: The Elusive Messiah

Unit 3: The Apostle Paul

  • Paul’s Divine Christology: Part 1
  • Paul’s Divine Christology: Part 2
  • Concluding Remarks on Paul
  • From Nazareth to Nicaea
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