Paul and Suffering

Paul and Suffering April 26, 2019

Siu Fung We (editor)
Suffering in Paul: Perspectives and Implications
Eugene, OR: Wipf & Stock, 2019.
Available at Wipf & Stock.

Blurb: One can hardly ignore the significance of suffering in Paul’s letters. Respected scholars (e.g., Scott Hafemann, Christiaan Beker, and Ann Jervis) have demonstrated the indispensable role of suffering in Paul’s teaching. Despite that, the topic does not often “hit the headlines” in Pauline studies. Meanwhile, Christians around the world testify to the encouragement and comfort Paul gives them in times of pain and distress. The purpose of this book is to arouse interest in Pauline scholarship on the topic and provide a resource for educators, theological students, and thoughtful pastors. New Testament scholars in five countries across three continents contribute to this volume. They study the texts, intertexts, and the language of suffering in Paul. They explore the notion of participation in Christ’s suffering and glory, and examine the significance of identity formation and solidarity in the Christ community. In addition, the authors reflect on the implications for the church today from different social locations and cultural backgrounds. The result is an exegetical and critical reflection that invites the church to seriously engage with Paul on the topic.

Contributors: Sunny Chen, Roy Ciampa, Timothy Gombis, Sanyu Iralu, Haley Goranson Jacob, Kar Yong Lim, David Starling, Sean Winter, Siu Fung Wu, and Xiaxia Xue.

Suffering in Paul . . . offers substantial biblical and theological reflection on the relation of suffering, glory, and being in Christ in Paul’s writings. It brings unique perspectives of minorities, where suffering is part of the normal Christian life. The rich diversity and Biblical scholarship of its writers invites a deep conversation with majority world, indigenous, and migrant Christians who have much to offer to those of us consumed by ‘first world problems.’”
– Jill Firth and Len Firth, Ridley College, Australia

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