The Cross as Ultimate Apocalypse

The Cross as Ultimate Apocalypse April 19, 2019

Just came across this quote from Brian Blount, sounds like a good Good Friday quote:

“As the apostle Paul notes, God takes what humans intend to be the definitive act of disfigurement and dishonour and reclaims it as something uniquely revelatory. Capital punishment. Death. On a cross. The end of a life that reveals the meaning of life. In that case, the cross is the consummate act of divine irony. What the Romans believed to be the cessation of life and meaning, God claims as the marker that defines the possibilities of life for all of us, for all time. The cross, then, becomes the ultimate apocalypse: the revelation of God’s intention for humankind. Through struggle and even death, God reveals life.”

Brian K. Blount, Invasion of the Dead: Preaching Resurrection (Louisville, KY: Westminster John Knox, 2014), xii.

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