The Rhythm of the Christian Life

The Rhythm of the Christian Life July 21, 2019

Brian J. Wright
The Rhythm of the Christian Life: Recapturing the Joy of Life Together
Abilene: Leafwood Publishers, 2019.
Available at

This book by my former PhD student Dr. Brian Wright resources Dietrich Bonhoeffer’s Life Together for a pattern of modern discipleship.

The foreword is by Timothy George!

Blurb: Most of us think that if we could simply balance our lives better, we would be happier. But what we actually need is to rediscover the rhythm. As Christians, our whole life consists of loving God and loving others, just like Jesus did. In this book, Wright invites us to find true joy as we embrace these two core realities and discover how they are meant to work in tandem. Explore The Rhythm of Christian Life and recapture the joy of life together as God always intended.

How best to spend our limited time on earth is arguably our greatest challenge. God instructed Adam to keep the garden, Israel to keep the Sabbath, and the church to keep the feast–all examples of how the people of God are to ‘keep time.’ The Rhythm of the Christian Life explains that keeping time is our most important and neglected spiritual discipline. Only when we get the balance right of spending time alone (with God) and together (before God) will we get our out-of-sync lives back in sync. Forget about the program–get with the beat, the two-beat rhythm of the Christian life that structures Christian freedom and sustains human flourishing.”
―Kevin J. Vanhoozer, Research Professor of Systematic Theology, Trinity Evangelical Divinity School
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