Some Free On-Line Resources

Some Free On-Line Resources March 18, 2020

If you are stuck at home or trying to cobble together some on-line resources for people, remember these:

Ridley College is offering its lay-level Bible Overview for free.

SBL’s Bible Odyssey project has great articles and videos.

N.T. Wright on-line is offering temporary free access to Paul’s Letter to the Philippians.

My own channel has some videos you might want to check out on everything from evangelical theology, to the apostles’ creed, to Romans and Philippians, to debates with Bart Ehrman, to my famous “biblica hipsteria” video.

Might also be time to investigate some subscription services like Zondervan’s Master Lectures and Faithlife.TV from Logos – both of which have free trial periods!

UPDATE: Faithlife has put up a stack of free resources for churches, pastors, families, and seminaries.


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