Introducing the New Testament in its World Podcast

Introducing the New Testament in its World Podcast September 5, 2020

I’m very happy to announce that we have launched a podcast to go with our book The New Testament in its World where I interview a star cast of eminent scholars on the New Testament and we hear from N.T. Wright on several subjects.

In this podcast, Wright and I explore many of the topics covered in our book – questions about the purpose of the New Testament; the meaning of the resurrection; the life and ministry of Paul; what it was like to live as Christians in the first century; and more.

Episodes feature interviews with well-known New Testament scholars, as well as behind-the-scenes conversations we had while they worked on the New Testament in Its World filming project that took them to Jerusalem, Galilee, Athens, Corinth, and Rome.

Listen wherever you get your podcasts—or stream the audio below. You can also visit to download a free, in-depth guide to each episode, which includes show notes, discussion prompts, and resources for further study.

And if you like what you hear, you can listen to The New Testament in Its World Audio Lectures. Or watch the entire series on DVD or on Vimeo, or stream on Amazon Prime Video. You can also get The New Testament in Its World for 30% off on

Episodes include:

1 – Craig Keener, Beginning New Testament Study, and a Conversation in Jerusalem

2 – Lynn Cohick, Canonization, and N.T. Wright’s Reading and Research Habits

3 – Jeannine K. Brown, the Jewish Context of Jesus, and “Faith in Christ” vs. “Faithfulness of Christ”

4 – Nijay Gupta, the Story of Paul’s Life and Ministry, and N.T. Wright’s Favorite New Testament Book

5 – Esau McCaulley, The Afterlife in Greco-Roman Thought, and Teaching the New Testament




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