Trevin Wax Overviews Evangelical Theology – Second Edition at TGC

Trevin Wax Overviews Evangelical Theology – Second Edition at TGC November 7, 2020

Over at TGC, Trevin Wax has a great overview/review of the second edition of Evangelical Theology. He carefully highlights what is different between the first and second edition and gets it very right.

All the chapters and major sections are the same as in the first volume, although some of the sub-points are rearranged or retitled, maintaining the same creative, gospel-centered structure as before. Bird has also incorporated a broader group of conversation partners throughout the work—more female and non-white theologians, thinkers from the Global South, and a more robust consideration and contrast with Catholic scholars.


Overall, the second edition of Evangelical Theology preserves everything that made the first edition so popular—an irenic, careful examination of key Christian truths within a gospel-centered framework, peppered with Bird’s humor. I trust the new edition will remain a resource to be consulted by students, professors, and pastors.

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